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Position Focus: With Romo, Orton Solid 1-2; 3rd QB Battle Remains


OXNARD, Calif. – While there doesn't seem to be a lot of competition at the quarterback spot, it's always one of the most intriguing positions on the field. Let's take a closer look at the entire position of quarterback. **

1.Key Battle

There is a side of me that believes that the battle for the third quarterback job between Stephen McGee and Rudy Carpenter is more about whether this team will carry that spot or the front office uses it to go long at another position. The club could try and get Carpenter on the practice squad to have their third quarterback that way or maybe look outside for one on another squad during one of the cut down dates.

2. So Far In Camp

It's clear that Tony Romo is the starter and Kyle Orton is the backup. McGee has been getting more reps than Carpenter but both should see significant action in these preseason games. Would not be surprised if McGee plays the entire game against the Dolphins to finish out the preseason and let the staff make the call from there.

3. Surprise Stud

Kyle Orton has looked better than advertised. His arm strength is outstanding; he can make all the touch throws and he is accurate in all areas. He handles the huddle well, reads defenses quickly and knows where to go with the ball. He has had some problems with the center/quarterback exchanges, but that has been the only area where he has had any bit of struggles.  

4. Time To Pick It Up

These games the next four weeks can either keep McGee on the roster or force the front office and coaches to have to make a decision about the spot. There has never been a question of McGee's toughness or smarts, but there have been questions about his ability to deliver the football quickly. When this team went out and added Orton, it told me a lot about where McGee is in his career.

5. Rookie Report

There is no rookie at the position, but I will say this about Carpenter: I think he has done a nice job when given the opportunity to play. I don't believe that he has the strongest arm, but he does know where to go with the ball and he did show the ability to handle pressure. If the club does go light at quarterback, he surely will be in the mix for a practice squad spot if there is not another quarterback on the scout's radar this summer.

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