Power Rankings: Staff Writers Make List For All DBs

19 November 2017: Cooper Rush (7) of the Dallas Cowboys during their NFL week 11 regular season 37-9 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

OXNARD, Calif. – One of the most common questions we hear at training camp usually starts with the sentence "what are you seeing out of …"

And then you just fill in the blank. So after one and a half weeks of training camp here in sunny California, the Cowboys have yet to do an official depth chart. So the writers of DallasCowboys.com will unveil its position rankings each day.

And this isn't an exact list of the top performers out here in camp, but how they stack up on a would-be depth chart – at least in the eyes of the staff writers.

In our fifth piece, we look at both the cornerbacks and safeties, as the writers compile a depth chart for all the defensive backs.

The writers of DallasCowboys.com rank the Cowboys defensive backs in camp.

Barry Church (59)
Orlando Scandrick (56)
Brandon Carr (53)
Morris Claiborne (48)
J.J. Wilcox (44)
Jeff Heath (35)
Sterling Moore (34)
Jakar Hamilton/ B.W. Webb (31)
Terrance Mitchell (27)
Tyler Patmon (18)
Matt Johnson (13)
Ryan Smith (11)
Dashaun Phillips/Ahmad Dixon (10)

Bryan Broaddus: From a scouting perspective, the majority of my focus has been on these safeties and who might start opposite Barry Church. J.J. Wilcox has been solid but I am very interested to see how these preseason games shake out when these other safeties get the opportunity to compete. As a group, they have done a good job coverage wise when put in those one-on-one situations but with no tackling during the practice it has been hard to really get a gage on them. There is no doubt that Rod Marinelli is going to use his nickel packages quite a bit this fall. With that being said, Brandon Carr, Orlando Scandrick and Morris Claiborne will all be on the field so who actually starts should not be of great importance but how they play will.

Rowan Kavner: The top five on my list were relatively easy, and I think Jeff Heath's spot is pretty secure based on his ability to play special teams at a high level. So spot No. 7 on is pretty much up for grabs. Jakar Hamilton's the only real competition I think Wilcox has to start, and Mitchell's physicality at corner has been unmatched, though at times he takes that physicality too far. The rest of the defensive backs have been somewhat flash players and need more consistency to ensure a roster spot.


Nick Eatman: Mixing up the safeties and cornerbacks together made it somewhat tricky, but that's exactly what the coaching staff has to do when trimming down the roster. I went with Church No. 1 because he's the only guy whose starting spot is solidified. It gets difficult to pick around the 8-12 range but remember, all of these guys can help themselves in this scrimmage and following preseason games. I think when we redo this list next week it will change dramatically.

David Helman: Maybe this is the year for Sterling Moore. Just like last year, he always manages to stand out and impress me during practice – but last year, he didn't make the team. I simply have a hard time believing that's the case again this year, but who can say? For all the criticism, I think B.W. Webb has actually looked surprisingly good at camp this year. Not starter-good, but good. The Cowboys have showed a lot of patience and investment in Matt Johnson, but I just can't see him making the roster if he can't get healthy at some point – and some point soon.

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