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Power Rankings: Staff Writers Order Linebackers 1-11


The writers of rank the Cowboys linebackers in camp.


OXNARD, Calif. – One of the most common questions we hear at training camp usually starts with the sentence "what are you seeing out of …."

And then you just fill in the blank. So after a few weeks of training camp here in sunny California, the Cowboys have yet to do an official depth chart. So the writers of will unveil its position rankings each day.

And this isn't an exact list of the top performers out here in camp, but how they stack up on a would-be depth chart – at least in the eyes of the staff writers.

This is the second time we've ranked the linebackers, so expect a few changes from the original list


Bruce Carter


Justin Durant


Kyle Wilber


Rolando McClain


Anthony Hitchens


DeVonte Holloman


Cam Lawrence


Orie Lemon


Will Smith


Dontavis Sapp


Keith Smith


Rowan Kavner: I put Carter atop my personal list, not necessarily because he's had the best camp. The argument could be made that Durant's been the best of the starting three linebackers. He's atop my list because I think his job is the safest, particularly considering how McClain's come on the last couple days. I wouldn't be shocked if the lineup ends up Carter at on the weak side, McClain in the middle and Durant shifting to the strong side, where he's most accustomed to. That might be the best grouping. I also moved Hitchens up the list, as he stood out more than any other linebacker in the preseason opener. [embedded_ad]

Bryan Broaddus: The coaches have to be pleased in what they have seen from Anthony Hitchens but on the flip side, DeVonte Holloman has yet to show that type of player we all thought he was. Rolando McClain has worked his way back on the practice field and was able to make some nice sideline-to-sideline plays. The coaches are starting to use Bruce Carter in some rush situations with his hand on the ground in the one-on-one. This was something I had heard that the coaches were interested in the off season in trying to do. Justin Durant continues to hold the job at Mike but overall this group in my opinion is still unsettled.

Nick Eatman: No real changes for me until the middle of the list. Durant still seems like the No. 1 guy on the depth chart even though he's the one person who might lose his job if McClain lives up to expectations. For now though, he's been the best player and even if Durant is moved from the middle, they could move him to the outside possibly over Wilber. One change I made is moving Hitchens ahead of Holloman and watch out for Cam Lawrence. I think he's one of the team's best special teams linebackers and should have a roster spot for him when it's all said and done.

David Helman: In my humble opinion, Durant has consistently been the best linebacker at training camp this year – his forced fumble against the Chargers highlighted that. Unfortunately for him, he's playing the position the Cowboys ultimately want Rolando McClain to occupy. If McClain keeps playing like he did in practice on Sunday that will probably happen. My solution is to switch Durant to the strong side. While we're on the topic, I'd like to see some more from Bruce Carter. Anthony Hitchens' nice game last week gives him a deserved bump.

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