Preparing for an Amazing Experience

Written by Cassie Trammell

In addition to all of the hard work our team is putting in each week for practices, games, appearances and more, we are also trying to squeeze in rehearsals at least once a day for Show Group. Every year, the 12 girls selected for the Show Group, which we tried out for during training camp, travel overseas and perform for soldiers stationed all over the world. It is the most amazing experience you can get from being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. My mother always told me that each tour she went on changed her for the better in so many ways.

What we do on tour is travel from base to base meeting and spending time with soldiers, doing small performances a few times a day. We then perform a two-hour variety show each night for the soldiers in the area and sometimes their families if they are stationed with them. After the show we meet and spend some time getting to know them. It's always my favorite part getting to hear about their experiences and journeys. The last two years I have spent Christmas Day in South Korea, but it is honestly worth giving up being with my family for one holiday because these soldiers miss EVERY holiday, birthday and any other milestone that their families are celebrating back home.

This year, rather than waiting until November or December to cram an entire two-hour variety show into our brains, we are trying to get things out of the way now to make things less stressful. We just found out this week, which is much earlier than in the past, that we are officially going on tour again this December. We were also told who will be traveling. We have to be home for the Christmas Eve home game, so we won't be staying through Christmas Day. This is different than in the past, but still should hopefully make a few soldiers days.

We were all extremely excited and overjoyed when we got the call to be a part of the group of 12 girls that go overseas. I am so blessed and honored to say that this will be my third holiday tour and I am beyond ecstatic about it. Also taking part in their third Christmas tour will be Whitney and Ally. Kelsi is traveling for her fourth holiday season, proving that she really loves this gig! On their second tour will be Ashton, Meagan, Mia and Sydney.

This year, we have four new Show Group members that will be going on their very first tour: Melissa, Jackie, Sunni and Holly. I cannot wait for them to have the life-changing experiences that USO tours offer.

I am so proud of every single girl going, no matter how many tours they have been on. This group is going to be amazing, and for me personally, I am excited to spend those days with my DCC family, including some of my best friends and even three of my bridesmaids! I am so excited about all the things we are working on and will be doing over the next few months. For now, we just have to take it day by day.

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