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Prescott's Bye Week Plans Involve Staying Out Of The Limelight

FRISCO, Texas -- When Dak Prescott has needed to keep his poise in crucial moments of his first six games he's been cool, calm, and collected. Lately, he's had to keep his cool under a totally different kind of pressure. Prescott is at the center of what fans and media have described as a quarterback controversy.

Prescott has handled the barrage of questions well, but they're only going to increase in the next few weeks. One could see why he would use his time off in the bye to go somewhere quiet where he feels comfortable.

Prescott will spend the weekend in southeast Louisiana where he says he can "spend some time with my grandmother and my brothers. Fish a little bit and just hangout."

Prescott is the young, new quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. You could argue that he's in the most visible position of any athlete in the world. But he reportedly turned down opportunities to further market himself during the bye.

"My family doesn't really treat me like a celebrity, so that's kind of the whole purpose of going there," he said Wednesday after the team's only practice of the week.

Head coach Jason Garrett claims the decision is good insight into the kind of person Prescott is.

"It doesn't surprise me one bit," Garrett said. "He's very focused on the right things in life. Family is very important to him and football is very important to him. I think he wants to get away from things for a few days and be with people he knows and loves."

To be sure, Garrett will not be joining him out on the water.

"I'm not a good fisherman," Garrett said. "I love the concept of fishing, and being able to get away from the world. I'm not very successful at it. I'm good at fishing. I'm not very good at catching."

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