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Pro Bowl: Brees Sees 'Cool Customer' in Dak, But Admired By His Leadership

ORLANDO – Of the six quarterbacks at the Pro Bowl this week, only one of them has won a Super Bowl.

In fact, only one of them has even played in the big game.

Yet, when Dak Prescott showed up for the first day of this week's Pro Bowl, he was blown away when he finally got up close to the most successful quarterback of the group.

"Man, Drew Brees is really impressive," Prescott said of the Saints' superstar and future Hall of Famer. "The guy has always been one of my favorite guys. He's someone I've looked up to and tried to model my game after."

But what impressed Prescott the most about his teammate for the week was how much Brees was ready to work.

"You always hear about guys coming down here and having a lot of fun," Prescott said. "And it's been fun, for sure. But Drew, he came in and he's trying to get better. Everything with him is very detailed. He's still hitting every drill and throwing every ball. I know I can learn a lot from him."

Prescott is actually the only quarterback of the original six selected to the game who will be playing on Sunday. So with that, he will be the starting quarterback for the NFC – one of six Cowboys expected to start.

[embeddedad0]"How cool is that?" Prescott said in an interview this week. "I get to start over Drew Brees? Are you kidding me?"

Prescott not only has much respect for Brees, but the feeling seems very mutual. In fact, Brees said one of the reasons he agreed to play in the game when asked to be a replacement was to associate with players such as Prescott.

"It's an honor. Honestly, it's a big reason I wanted to come to the Pro Bowl this year was to be around guys like him – specifically him," Brees said. "I value those relationships. I know when I was a young player, there were guys that I looked up to. Any chance that I got to learn from them and watch them work and pick their brain, talk football or any number of things – just responsibilities that come along with being a quarterback in the NFL – I took full advantage of that. I appreciated it when guys would give me their time. I took full advantage of it. Any chance I have to impart a little wisdom on him I'm happy to do that."

Brees, who is playing in his 10th Pro Bowl, was the MVP of Super Bowl XILV following the 2009 season. He ranks third in NFL history in both passing yards (66,111) and touchdown passes (465).

Yet, even at the age of 38, Brees seems far from satisfied.

"I'm always trying to find ways to get better and stay in this league as long as I can," Brees said. "When I'm around guys like (Prescott), it's good for me as well."

Before this week, Brees said he could sense the confidence Prescott played with, even without ever meeting him.

"Not only did he play with a lot of confidence, but I think he allowed everyone around him to play with a lot of confidence," Brees said. "He helped create that."

And after hanging out with him this week, Brees said he's been able to see that same confidence and more.

"He's a cool customer. He's got a presence about him that's hard to explain," Brees said. "It's a confidence, but also you can tell he's got leadership ability."

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