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Quick Hits: Garrett Discusses Decision To Delegate Duties


IRVING, Texas – Cowboys coach Jason Garrett addressed the media Tuesday following the team's first practice of 2013 minicamp.

Garrett addressed familiar topics like the team's injury situation, but the highlight of the press conference was his openness about last week's revelation that offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will call the plays in 2013.

Garrett spoke at length about the decision to delegate some of his duties, and last week's confusion about the subject.

Here are the highlights:

  • On whether minicamp differs from OTAs, Garrett noted that minicamp is the only mandatory offseason activity. Garrett said the team has been "fortunate to have almost 100 percent attendance" during offseason activities, so minicamp hasn't felt too different.
  • Garrett said the point of minicamp has been to simulate a game week, with Tuesday simulating a Wednesday and Wednesday simulating a Thursday. Garrett said minicamp would feature longer meetings than OTAs, including post-practice meetings – which weren't a part of OTAs.
  • Asked about the adjustment between college and the NFL for wide receivers, Garrett said the biggest difference is probably press coverage. He said most college receivers aren't used to that level of coverage.
  • Morris Claiborne missed practice with migraines on Tuesday morning. Garrett said he expects the second-year cornerback to return Wednesday.
  • Garrett said it's safe to say Tony Romo likely won't be a part of minicamp, reiterating Jerry Jones' quote from last week. He said Romo has been heavily involved in meetings.
  • "Tony's a gym rat and always has been; he's always around this place," said Garrett of Romo's involvement despite missing practices.
  • A familiar topic this offseason: Garrett said Romo has played a huge role in the installation of the Cowboys' offensive gameplan for 2013. Garrett said they've made a deliberate effort to include Romo in every step of the process – meetings, film and conversation.
  • Asked to further clarify the Cowboys' playcalling situation: Garrett said they established their plan for offense, defense and special teams, Garrett said they put the plan in place in late January. Garrett said Bill Callahan is the active offensive coordinator and will be the play caller behind the offense. He added there was a miscommunication about when the team would reveal that information.
  • After addressing that, Garrett reiterated his point from last week that he is completely on the same page with Jerry and Stephen Jones about decisions made within the organization.
  • Garrett said "27 or 28" teams in the NFL use an "active defensive coordinator, an active offensive coordinator and an active special teams coordinator" to call games, which is the format the Cowboys will use. Though he added that a handful of teams have their head coach call plays, and those teams often wind up being more productive. "We've had that tug," said Garrett of the conversation.
  • Of his own role, Garrett said "to step back and have a hand in all three phases of the football team," can have a good impact.
  • Garrett was asked why he decided to wait from the initial decision to delegate playcalling in the early part of 2013. "I didn't know that we gained anything competitively by announcing it in January," he said. [embedded_ad]
  • Garrett was asked if he was reluctant to give up playcalling duties. He said the key is in understanding the progression of one's career, and the duties of a head coach versus the duties of a position coach. "We're not trying to make change for change's sake; we're trying to make positive changes," he said.
  • Garrett said Callahan's experience in several systems makes him a good fit for the Cowboys' offense, as it is similar to the system run by the New York Jets during Callahan's tenure there.
  • "This structure might be a little cleaner for me," said Garrett of his decision to step back. Though he said he "absolutely" will be a part of offensive gameplanning.
  • "We decided to this probably in late January, so that's when the decision was made," said Garrett.
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