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Quite A Dynamic Of Coordinators

Although the Cowboys have continued to remain mum on any coaching news, it does appear Rob Ryan will officially become the team's next defensive coordinator.

When that happens, it will definitely be an interesting trio of coordinators, which would include Jason Garrett as the head coach/offensive coordinator.

But when you think about the three leaders of this staff – Jason Garrett, Rob Ryan and Joe DeCamillis as the special teams coordinator, it's a unique situation, but one that could be a perfect setup.

You've got a head coach that has a rather calm demeanor, and often stoic on the sidelines – never gets too high or low. And he surrounds himself with two of the most intense and visibly passionate coaches that we've had around here in a while.

We've seen it from DeCamillis in the last two years and if Rob Ryan is anything like his brother Rex, which from all the stories that have been told, he is – then he's probably a night-and-difference from Garrett.

And on a coaching staff, that's a good thing. I applaud Garrett for recognizing the importance of that.

It's easy to surround yourself with guys that share a lot of the same traits. What can be challenging is trying to mix and match a lot of different personalities. But that's what you have to do with your players, and apparently Garrett isn't afraid of doing that with his staff.

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