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Radio Show Leftovers: Carr CB or Safety? What About Urlacher?

Here are a few leftover questions from The Break and Talkin' Cowboys:

Corey in Iowa:I know there's a lot of talk about putting Carr at safety, but honestly I'd feel more comfortable with him blanketing Marshall all game.

Broaddus: I know that Garrett and Ryan will have a good plan for Marshall. Carr would be the most logical player to match with him. Carr is an ace in the hole if they need to get some help at safety but I just have a feeling that they will look at other options and allow Carr to just focus on Marshall.

Angel in California:Who is going to get more sacks the Cowboys or the Bears? Or who has the better line?

Broaddus: Let me put it this way, whatever team runs the ball better will have the least amount of sacks. Neither the Cowboys or Bears want to get in a situation where they are having to put the ball up every down with the amount of pressure that these defenses can bring. Both defenses will try and bring pressure with four men but the Cowboys will most likely to try and bring that extra rusher if they can. In regard to your question, my thoughts are that the Cowboys will generate more sacks.  

Frank in Mississippi:Who are the Cowboys going to put against Brain Urlacher? Will he need to have two men on him?

Broaddus: Brian Urlacher has been an outstanding player for a long time in this league and there is no doubt you have to account for him but you also need to worry about Julius Peppers, Henry Melton and Lance Briggs. Unlike the Buccaneers, this is more of an attacking group. The Buccaneers linebackers run better than the Bears so it will be less of a problem getting blockers on the secondary level where they struggled last week. Point of attack blocking is always key but with this group, you are going to see a lot more of it because how these linebackers like to step up.

John in Virginia:How long do you think it will take Jason Garrett and his "process" to fix the problem with penalties?

Broaddus: I really do believe the problems with the pre snap penalties have a lot to do with the blockers trying to cheat the snap count to get outside on their blocks. When you get tackles that are worried about getting outside on these edge rushers it's tough. I am not making excuses for the line but with their struggles they are doing everything in their power not to get beat, cheating the snap count is part of that. If the group can settle down, you will those pre snap penalties go away.

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