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Radio Show Leftovers: How Did Mike Jenkins Play Against Tampa?

With just an hour on the air per day and a room full of personalities, it's impossible to get to every question during Talkin' Cowboys and the Cowboys Break radio shows. All questions are appreciated, however, and football analyst Bryan Broaddus will regularly answer some of the best ones as Leftovers.

Bill in Vermont:

How do you think Mike Jenkins played against Tampa Bay, and do you think he's gotten the wrong end of the deal?

Broaddus: The NFL is a business and Mike Jenkins knows that. Did he have a right to be upset over what happened this spring? Yes, you can say that after the way he fought through last season and the injuries. Jerry Jones said it the best at the start of this season, when he knew there would be a day that he would need Jenkins to play for him, and that day came against the Buccaneers. Jenkins has had good practices, and to Rob Ryan's credit, he is trying to keep him hungry for more playing time. In the fourth quarter of the game on Sunday, it was Jenkins that was matched up against Vincent Jackson, and that was a good thing. His quickness and ball skills were outstanding. One of the reasons that the Cowboys defense has improved is its ability to match up in coverage, and Mike Jenkins will continue to be part of that.  

Jimmy in New Mexico:

I thought Tyrone Crawford was pretty active against the Bucs. What do you think? Will they rotate him in more?

Broaddus: It was nice to see Crawford have some success in that Tampa game against a quality guard like Carl Nicks. There has never been a question of his motor, but how quickly he would learn technique for the position. Brian Baker has worked really hard with all these defensive linemen and it has shown. Crawford is nowhere near ready to start, but much like Sean Lissemore last season, he'll  get more and more reps as the season goes on.

* *

Kyle in New Jersey:

Mackenzy Bernadeau seemed to be the weakest link on Sunday against Tampa Bay. Why not give Derrick Dockery a shot to start at right guard? Bernadeau just can't be trusted in my opinion.

Broaddus: I don't agree with you at all about Bernadeau. He had a poor game against the Buccaneers, but in the Giants and Seahawks games he was able to hold his own. You can't judge him on one play, where he tried to short set Gerald McCoy and it didn't work out. There are things technique-wise that he is doing well, but again there have been many struggles across the line this season. Just pin this on Bernadeau is not accurate.

Dan in Washington:

Broaddus, could you see anyone replacing Doug Free if he keeps playing the way he is. How can he keep getting worse the more experience he has? How concerned are you?

Broaddus: Sure I have concerns about Free. I really believed that I saw a different player in training camp when it came to his technique, but there are still things that happen during a game that we observed last year. When he gets too high in his set and becomes a straight-legged blocker, he struggles. There have been times he has had trouble dealing with power. Rushers have gotten into his chest and taken him back into Tony Romo. When Free is able to sit down on his man, he has done a much better job. He just needs to find ways to do this more.

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