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Rank'Em: Best Kickoff Returns In Cowboys History


When the Cowboys' season ended so abruptly, there were plenty of finger-pointing to go around. Many of which wanted to see the ball go to CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper, but there were others screaming for Tony Pollard to get more than just four carries.

Pollard proved to be one of the Cowboys' most electric weapons in 2021. Now, while he splits the carries on offense with Ezekiel Elliott, Pollard didn't share any of the load in regards to kickoff returning.

Pollard scored his first touchdown on special teams during the season, and has now planted himself among the very best returners in Cowboys history.

So that got us thinking to figure out the best of all-time. Now, this is kick returns only so you won't find the high-stepping Deion Sanders on this list.

But let's find out where Pollard ranks among the best kick returners in team history.

While Tony Pollard established himself as a dynamic kick returner this past season, just where does he stand among the Cowboys' all-time best? This week's Rank'em lists the best in team history.


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