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Rank'Em: Top 25 Rookie Seasons In Team History


For months, the NFL Draft has been discussed and analyzed over and over, and in a matter of three days, it's all gone.

Now, as the Cowboys have made their nine draft picks and added 20 more in free agency, it's time to find out just how good they can be.

Tyler Smith was the Cowboys' first choice this year. And to justify the pick at No. 24, he is expected to start immediately at left guard.

Starting is one thing, but being one of the best in franchise history is another.

Let's see how good Tyler Smith, or any of the other rookies, have to be to crack the Cowboys' best rookie seasons of all time.
Here are the top 25, including one of the more recent entries that rivals the best rookie season in Cowboys history.

With Micah Parsons unanimously winning Rookie of the Year, it's time to see just where his 2021 season stacks up among the Top 25 rookie years in Cowboys history.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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