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"Red, White, and Cowboy Blue" DCC: Making the Team Episode 1207 Preview

In the DCC world, being world class is much more than just on the dance floor. It is something that bleeds into every aspect of life. Whether in or out of uniform, the girls are expected to be poised and passionate. This week's episode puts the candidates to the test to see just how well they live up to the title of World Class.

The Dallas Cowboys Football Club and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have the utmost respect and sincere gratitude for those who have served our country. In this weeks episode, veteran and rookie candidates are granted the honor of visiting the local VA Hospital to spread cheer and say thank you. If you ask any current or former DCC, one of the greatest parts of being one of America's Sweethearts is being able to spend time with our military men and women.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have been on 81 USO tours all over the globe to continue to say "thank you" to the brave who keep our land free. However, in order to get there, the girls must be selected for the prestigious show group. Tonight's episode features show group auditions at the world famous Gilley's. With the return of a few judges from auditions, the girls will perform a multitude of dance styles to prove they are well equipped to put on a great performance full of variety.

Additionally, tonights episode features the brilliant Denise Dicharry. The former head coach of the LSU Tiger Girls brings a funky style with a whole lot of flair to the DCC studio in the Star. Faced paced and high energy, her choreography is not for the weak. And in a survival of the fittest environment like DCC Training Camp, Dicharry's choreography is the perfect piece to help the cream of the crop rise to the top.

Who will rise up and prove to be World Class? Who will fall short and be sent packing. Tune in tonight to CMT at 10/9c for this week's look into the training camp of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

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