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Rib Healed, Romo Looks Like Different QB

IRVING, Texas --We've heard for weeks that Tony Romo's fractured rib was gradually getting healthier.

It's probably no coincidence that in the last two games he has stopped taking a pain-killing injection, then Sunday stopped wearing a protective vest -- and the results were arguably his two most impressive performances in 2011.

Sunday's three-touchdown, three-incompletion game against the Bills might have been one of his best all-time in terms of efficiency. Not only has he shown no real limitations on passes, twice he twirled away from an oncoming blitz and made throws on the run. We didn't see that type of mobility the last few weeks.

"I think over the course of the last five or six weeks, he's gotten healthier and healthier," head coach Jason Garrett said. "He has finally taken that vest off, so I think that's probably helped him move around a little bit better. But I think he's been playing well for the last few weeks, to be honest with you. Certainly, the healthier you feel as a player, hopefully the better you will play."

The time he's gotten in the pocket from the offensive line, coupled with DeMarco Murray's surprise breakout, hasn't hurt Romo's production, either.

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