Rob Ryan Not Taking Rams Offense Lightly

Last week it was Tom Brady and the Patriots, a team that appears to be one of the early-season Super Bowl favorites.

This week, it's the winless Rams with a quarterback situation that seems a little iffy with Sam Bradford and A.J. Feely both getting reps.
But either way, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan isn't worrying about last week's game with New England. From the sound of things, he's just as concerned with what the Rams have to offer. And regardless who might start under center, Ryan isn't about to overlook anyone.

"Right now you're preparing for both," Ryan said of the two quarterbacks. "Bradford to me is an outstanding prospect. He throws the ball really well. He's had a lot of success down in these parts of the country. We hope he doesn't do that again. But I have a lot of respect for that young man. He's going to be a great player. And Feely has been around forever. He had a really good preseason."

Whether it's Bradford or Feely at quarterback, Ryan said the receiving corps could be dangerous, thanks to the additions of Mark Clayton and Brandon Lloyd, who came over from a trade this week with Denver.

"I know they've added some great weapons in Clayton and Lloyd – two excellent receivers," Ryan said. "This is a different-looking team. They just hung up about 450 yards on Green Bay. Whatever the stats say on the overall deal, we know we're getting a hell of an offense here. We're going to have to be up to the task."

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