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Romo Already Thinks Team Picked A Good One In Frederick


OXNARD, Calif. – Quarterback Tony Romo didn't need to take a snap in a preseason game before making a glowing review on the team's new center.

The Cowboys were largely criticized for reaching by selecting Travis Frederick with the No. 31 pick, but Romo's not one of those critics.

"Travis has done a great job," Romo said. "They picked a good one there. He's going to be a guy who's going to help us a lot for a long time. I don't know whether people are talking about whether or not we reached for him and stuff like that I guess at the time, but he's good football player and we got a good first-round draft pick there."

One of the greatest attributes most people point out with Frederick, the former college engineer, is his wit and knowledge. That could make the mental transition to professional football an easier one for him than most young players.

"He's still growing as a player, he's still got a lot of things to learn in the NFL, but he's a smart kid," Romo said. "He's got a good anchor, he's strong, he's tough, so I think he's got a real bright future."

Frederick has been used mostly at center during the offseason and preseason, but he's also taken a few snaps at guard. The Cowboys have said they'd like Frederick to be their center for years, but injuries have forced them to try a few different groups on the line to get the best five together.


Romo said he can help the offensive line out by being mobile, sliding in the pocket and getting the ball out quickly. He said he feels comfortable with the current line and is excited about the way they've dealt with the injuries to the interior, running the ball superbly in the Hall of Fame Game.

"That's part of the game and we've just got to keep grinding away and keep getting better until we can see some guys get healthy," Romo said.  "At the same time, some other guys have stepped up, and we'll see what happens."

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