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Romo, Callahan Notice Bryant's Focus In Practice Paying Off

IRVING, Texas – If practice makes perfect, it's no wonder Dez Bryant's going for three straight games with 145 yards receiving this weekend.

Bryant's coaches and quarterback Tony Romo applauded the receiver's dedication to practice and his work ethic prior to Sundays, allowing him to flourish on the field. He could surpass his career-high in receiving yards for a season if he finishes with more than 48 receiving yards against the Eagles.

"There's a lot of consistency from practice carrying over to the game," said offensive line coach Bill Callahan. "The thing I'm most impressed about with Dez is his work ethic. When I watch him out on the practice field, that's what you see on game day and the carryover is great. It sets a great tone, a great example and, of course, when you have that success and confidence that Tony has in him, it just translates into points."

Romo has found a rhythm with Bryant, who's served as the quarterback's primary target and deep threat, scoring four touchdowns in the last three games. Bryant has also been the leading receiver the last three weeks, averaging 125 receiving yards per game in that span.

 "He's been very precise," Romo said. "I've been saying it for a while, each year he's making less and less mistakes, really every month that goes by it gets less and less. He's done a good job of locking in and focusing in practice. He's always worked hard. As a student of the game, and I've talked to him, as that continues to get better for him, he's just going to continue to get better and better."

Bryant has been the subject of criticism since he arrived in the league, but his passion for the game has never been condemned. He's now displaying the talent everyone knew existed on a more consistent basis both in games and in practice, where his acrobatic catches are entertaining for everyone who's not covering the receiver.

"I'm pleased with what he's done," Callahan said. "I really like watching him work. It's fun to watch him go out and practice and do the things that he does."

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