Romo, Garrett Dismiss Lack of Trust Issues

The Cowboys would like to move onto the Rams game this Sunday, but the way last week's game in New England went down, it's hard for everyone to let it go.

And with that, the level of trust between quarterback Tony Romo and head coach Jason Garrett is being called into question.

The Cowboys were somewhat conservative in the red zone and the end of the game with the Cowboys holding a three-point lead. Because of Romo's three-interception performance in the previous game against the Lions that led to a historic comeback, the belief is Garrett pulled the reigns back on Romo, who naturally disagreed when asked on Thursday.

"No, if you watch the game . . . our defense played outstanding," Romo said in reference to the 20-16 loss to the Patriots. "It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback to say something the day after. I trusted our defense too when they went out there. I felt very comfortable with our defense on the field in that game.

"I thought Jason has done a great job all year long. He's going to keep doing a good job. We're lucky to have him."

And likewise, Garrett returned the favor, reiterating to the media on Thursday his faith in Romo.

"There is absolutely no issue in my trust level with Tony Romo," Garrett said. "I think anyone who has followed this football team understands the trust that I have in him and our football team has in him. Playing quarterback in the NFL, there's a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with that. Tony knows that. He prepares for it and we know it as coaches. We give him a lot of responsibility on Sunday. He's responded to that really well over the last four and a half years and there's no reason for us to think otherwise."

Romo said he understands that a "storyline" has to be developed after each loss and that's how he categorizes the notion of any trust issues with himself and Garrett.

"That's just what happens after a game whether you win or lose. There has to be some storyline and you could ask Jason you could ask me," Romo said. "We study a lot for certain situations at the end of the games and anybody that was watching the game last week knew our defense played really outstanding football for the entire second half. I don't know how many points New England scored but it couldn't have been that many. You go by what you're watching and playing with and  I didn't envision their offense going down to score a touchdown either at the time. It's easy to second guess but no me and Jason, we're going to continue to go forward and have a great relationship. He's a great coach."

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