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Romo Has No Issues With Long Flight; Still Hopeful To Play Sunday vs. Jaguars

LONDON– Less than a couple of hours after the Cowboys landed in London, Tony Romo was in uniform and throwing passes.

Ok, so that was a stretch, considering it was a community Play 60 event and Romo's passes were going about five yards and being thrown to grade-school kids.

Then again, one 10-year-old did complain Romo threw the ball a little hard at his chest. So who knows, maybe the back injury is truly getting better like Romo says.

All jokes aside, the starting quarterback did tell reporters on Tuesday his health is improving and the ultimate goal is to get his body ready for Sunday's game with the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium. Romo was able to participate in the Tuesday morning walk through before the community event, but he shrugged at the notion that it means he'll definitely play.

"We're just taking it day by day," Romo said. "Obviously, if you couldn't walk through, you'll probably struggle getting ready for practice. It continues to get a little better incrementally each day. You just reassess it every day."

Romo was on his feet, moving around and throwing to the local kids during the fun-filled event. While there was initial concern about Romo being on a plane for that long, the quarterback said there were no issues.

"No the flight was fine," said Romo, who had a comfortable seat in first class along with other selective veterans. "I slept … it went by quick. That part of it was no problem."

The Cowboys will practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the morning like they do back in Dallas, only there will be a rather lengthy bus ride from the hotel to the practice facility. Romo has typically skipped Wednesday practices to rest his back although last week he didn't practice all week.

He said with the different routine and coming off a missed week, there could be a change of plans.  

"Maybe. We're going to go talk about it tonight," Romo said when asked about practicing on Wednesday. "We're just trying to figure out tonight. I'll go back tonight and reassess it tomorrow."

Overall, Romo said he is excited about the opportunity to play the Jaguars Sunday afternoon.

"I think it'll be great. I'm excited to play at Wembley – the home of futbol over here," Romo said. "(To) be able to play at the pitch is something that it pretty interesting. For us, it's a once in a lifetime thing. The fans have been very supportive here."

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