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Romo Likely To Get Another Shot For Ribs Before Rams Game


IRVING, Texas – Quarterback Tony Romo will likely get another shot for his ribs before the matchup against the Rams this weekend.

Romo, who injured his ribs in the opener against the Giants, got a shot before Sunday's loss to the Chiefs. He said it already feels better now than it did the last few days, and he imagines it'll keep getting better as days pass.

"Too early to tell right now, but I think tentatively we were planning on (getting another shot), just because of the nature of it and what we thought," Romo said. "But we'll see when we get there."

Romo went 30-for-42 with a touchdown and no interceptions against the Chiefs, but he also threw three straight incompletions on back-to-back fourth quarter possessions on short passes. He didn't blame anything from that performance on the ribs.

"I don't know if that was a part of it," Romo said. "More than anything, I've gotten shot up before for a rib. That seems like it's a normal part of playing quarterback in the National Football League."

He said when a player steps on the field, the only thing that matters is winning, so the ribs aren't much of an excuse. The shot for the ribs usually works for between three to five hours, according to Romo.

An effective running game could help him from getting in situations where he's taking more hits to the mid-section. The Cowboys haven't been able to run the ball consistently since the start of last year. The team's leading rusher, DeMarco Murray, had just 12 rushes for 25 yards last week. [embedded_ad]

"You're always trying to run the football effectively and trying to also keep the defense from teeing off on you and attacking the quarterback and things of that nature," Romo said. "You've got to weigh it. I think more than anything, it's about production. We're trying to figure out different ways to do some things in the future to continue to get better and better about it."

Romo said the Cowboys' mentality is to take what the defense gives them. He said that's the reason Dez Bryant caught as many passes as he did. Romo intimated he doesn't want to keep a running play on when the numbers don't suggest it'll work.

"It'd be silly just to run the ball to where you can't block an extra guy," he said. "That's part of the game. Some people are doing that and leaving Dez by himself if you're going to do that. Defenses have to decide what they're going to give up. Sometimes it can be a big benefit.

"The other point is when you're trailing late in the game, you're never going to run the ball as much as you want. When you're ahead late in the game, you're always going to get extra runs, more than you probably did throughout the game. Every game's going to come down to a little bit of that."

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