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Romo More Focused On Team Record Than Personal Record

IRVING, Texas – Tony Romo found out Thursday that he's one throw away from setting the team record in touchdown passes.

When he heard the news, the Cowboys starting quarterback remained more focused on the team's 5-6 record than the tie he's in with Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman at 165 touchdown passes.

"I'm not a stats guy," Romo said. "Anybody who knows me knows it's about winning. I hadn't even heard of that stat until you just said it right now. We just need to win football games."

Aikman finished with exactly one touchdown per game in his career. Romo's reached the 165-touchdown mark in only 88 games, as our Nick Eatman pointed out.

Romo's response to the record doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate Aikman's legacy or what Aikman brought to the Cowboys.

"Troy's played the quarterback position as well as anybody who's played that position," Romo said. "I just think it's a testament to how well him and his teams did. He's obviously set the bar very high for everybody who comes back, not just around here, but any player in the league."

But Romo knows his statistics don't mean much when his team's losing.The Cowboys still have a chance to make a run at the playoffs, and that's where his attention remains.

Romo said he constantly analyzes what he can do or what his teammates can do to change the course of the season. He hopes getting a few players back from injury this week can help shift the momentum.

"We're in a position to where we have a chance," Romo said. "That's something that not every team can say at this point. Obviously we'd like to be in better position, but I like the feeling that at least your team has a chance to go out and do something special at the end of the season. It's going to take great effort and great commitment and everyone doing their job a little bit better than what we've done to this point, but I think our team can do that and we need to start that off this week."

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