Romo's Regained Mobility Key vs. Skins

IRVING, Texas --For the third straight game, Tony Romo on Sunday looked nothing like the Cowboys quarterback who was noticeably limited by a fractured rib and bulky protective vest for the first two months of the season.

Romo has always been able to make plays with his feet, and it once again has become part of his skill set the healthier he has gotten. Against Washington, he spun away from the pass rush several times, often making right-handed throws while moving to his left -- like the 26-yard completion to Dez Bryant in overtime that set up the winning field goal.

"He's real mobile. I don't think most people know that," Bryant said. "Tony just can make defenders miss and find the open guy and make plays."

The most impressive thing head coach Jason Garrett noticed was Romo keeping his eyes up while scrambling, scanning the field for open receivers. He did that a number of times Sunday.

"One of the best things Tony does is feel what's going on around him in the pocket," Garrett said. "I think he's really over the course of his career developed into an outstanding pocket passer. And he's done that without losing the ability to see things and use his instincts and feel for the game."

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