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Ronald Jones on Homecoming: 'It Means Everything'


At only 25 years of age, Ronald Jones' football story has already come full circle in signing with the Cowboys this week, and he explained what he plans to do that'll get them over the hump

FRISCO, TX — Ezekiel Elliott won't be in a Dallas Cowboys uniform when the 2023 season gets underway in September, and for the first time since 2016. The decision to release the former two-time NFL rushing champ creates a gaping void opposite Tony Pollard that needs filling, and the club hopes Ronald Jones can help them put some jelly back into that donut.

Jones, 25, has already won two Super Bowls in his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, and his rare mix of youth and championship experience could serve the position group well in Dallas.

"Super excited to be here, and I'm chasing another [championship]," Jones said only moments after inking his deal this week. "... It means everything to me."

Jones provides the Cowboys with the ability to truly push the competition on the depth chart behind Pollard and, worst-case, a proven veteran who still has a ton of tread left on his tires with the ability to be the Robin to Pollard's version of Batman in 2023.

"They've got a great offense and great offensive coaches," said Jones. "I love the way they scheme the run and feature the backs, and I'm gonna be a part of that."

That's the mission, and Jones was clear in what skills he brings to the table to help achieve it.

"My style is speed, power and change-of-pace," he said. "I'm just looking to help bring this city a ring."

That would mean quite a bit to the former high school standout at McKinney North, located only minutes northeast of downtown Dallas. It seems as if everywhere Jones touches down, he earns a ring, and that's some magic the Cowboys would absolutely love to see rub off on them.

Having gone 12-5 the last two seasons and narrowly losing to the 49ers in the NFC Divisional Round this past January, in large part due to Pollard's injury (fractured leg) that left them without their top playmaker, having retired Jones' former quarterback (Tom Brady) in the process, Jones doesn't just see future potential in the Cowboys.

He believes this is a team that is only a few tweaks away from winning it all — now.

"Just seeing the run they made last year," he said. "Being one game away from being a step to the Super Bowl — I think they're right there at the hump and, hopefully, I can be a part that helps them get over that hump."

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