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Rookie FA Report: Broaddus Evaluates Akron QB Williams


The Cowboys have had recent success with undrafted rookies, with more than a handful winding up on the roster each of the last two years.

Of course, Tony Romo and Miles Austin are two of the best rookie free agents in both Cowboys history, not to mention the entire NFL.

So you never know when the next hidden gem will surface.

The Cowboys have agreed to terms with more than a dozen rookie free agents. Football analyst Bryan Broaddus has scouted more than 200 players so far in the draft, so here's his breakdown on some of the top players the Cowboys will sign in the next few days.

Name:Dalton Williams



Height/Weight:6-4 / 217

Strengths: Right handed quarterback…physically looks like a quarterback….6-4, 217 5.02…The majority of his snaps were played in the shot gun…read option, pistol formations…can throw over the top or three quarters if he has to fit the ball inside because of rush…will slide in the pocket to buy a second chance…did a nice job of hitting the "4" or "In" against Florida International…ball was on target and didn't make the receiver have to break stride at all…does a decent job of looking off coverage…looks like he plays with some awareness…outstanding ball handler…great with his play fakes and deceptions…showed some touch along the sideline…able to fit the ball to the outside and up the field…knows where to go with the ball…took some hits in the pocket and able to bounce back…not bad throwing on the move…actually better than throwing from pocket…made some decent throws moving both to his right and left… [embedded_ad]

Weakness: It's rare that he takes a snap from center…have no clue how his footwork would be from center…will try and force the ball into spots…sees it but will be late with his delivery…allows defenders to break on the ball…ball does not snap off his hand…ball tends to hump or float on him…was more accurate on the tougher throws than he was on the easy ones…badly missed on a slant…was unable to throw the ball in front of the receiver…had a terrible interception in the Tennessee game where he flinched on the rush and just threw the ball into an area where he thought the receiver was going to be and wasn't even close…will get rid of the ball and not always accurate…bounces on his toes in the pocket…doesn't always set his feet and give himself a chance to throw the ball…not consistent with his throwing motion…can really be up and down with this…

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