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Rookie FA Report: Broaddus Evaluates Mizzou RB Lawrence


The Cowboys have had recent success with undrafted rookies, with more than a handful winding up on the roster each of the last two years.

Of course, Tony Romo and Miles Austin are two of the best rookie free agents in both Cowboys history, not to mention the entire NFL.
So you never know when the next hidden gem will surface.

The Cowboys have agreed to terms with more than a dozen rookie free agents. Football analyst Bryan Broaddus has scouted more than 200 players so far in the draft, so here's his breakdown on some of the top players the Cowboys will sign in the next few days.

Name: Kendial Lawrence

Position: Running back

College: Missouri

Height/Weight: 5-9/195

Top Stat: Lawrence saw all his carries go up significantly last season, and his stats followed. He rushed for 1,025 yards on 200 carries, breaking the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career.

Strengths: Explosive player…outstanding start-stop quickness…can take the ball, use his vision, then make a violent cut to find daylight…can cut on a dime…gets through the hole in a hurry…no wasted steps…hit it and go…can see holes…can break tackles one-on-one in space on the outside…quick to carry ball inside than out…will bend the ball all the way to the backside…will catch the ball in the flat…did not see him drop a pass…was used in motion quite a bit, then thrown the ball wide…was used in the slot as well…aware for the blitz pickup….all he needs is a little room to make something happen…can make little plays into big ones…

Weaknesses:Is physically short…doesn't get much push or drive when he runs the ball inside…is not a great blocker on the blitz pickup…tends to be a cut blocker…might have something to do with his height…had a fumble [embedded_ad]

on an option play going to his right when he took his eye off the ball and it ended up on the ground…but didn't see any other problems…will carry the ball between the tackles but not his ideal situation….

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