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Rookie FA Scouting Reports: Looking at QBs, RBs & Tight End


*(Editor's Note: has been evaluating all of the undrafted free agents this week before the start of Friday's rookie mini-camp. Today, Bryan Broaddus concludes with five skill players, including a quarterback who hasn't signed but will be competing in a tryout.) *

Dustin Vaughan QB, West Texas A&M (6-4, 235)

  • Is a right handed quarterback. Plays is a pistol style of scheme at West Texas. Will catch the snap and get the ball out of his hands quickly. Stand tall in the pocket. Not much movement or escape. Will slide forward if he has to avoid the rush. Big enough where tacklers fall off of him.
  • Can hit his men on the move. Has some zip on the slant. Can really whip the ball to the outside. Will hang in the pocket as long as possible. Has a feel where to go with the ball. Quick to make the decision. Will use ball fakes to try and move defensive backs. Will get the ball into the flat. Can hit the running back going away from him. Will put the ball out front for the receiver to go get.
  • There were times where the pocket was breaking down and he was not as accurate as he needed to be. When he can stand there, he can fit the ball in the tight windows. Able to get the ball over the linebacker and to the receiver along the sideline. Solid ball handler. Can really snap his throws off. Offense has a lot of combination routes and he is able to make the proper read for the scheme.
  • Most of his throws are in the 10 to 15 yard range and he throws them all with success.   

Kolton Browning                     QB, Louisiana-Monroe (6-1, 219)

  • Has not signed with the Cowboys but will participate this weekend on a tryout basis.
  • Is a left handed quarterback that plays in a read option offense, that has some run and shoot scheme built in. 
  • Does not play under center. Gets the ball out quickly. Knows where he needs to go. Will put the ball on the receiver on the slant. Doesn't have the burst or quickness to really run out of trouble. Is aware when he needs to move. Can get the ball from left hash to right sideline with ease and accuracy. Can hit the running back in the flat on the move. No stress in the way he delivers the ball. There is smoothness to him. 
  • Showed some nice touch to get the ball to the running back in the flat on 3rd down to gain a first. Doesn't make his guys work. There will be times where he double clutches the ball and it hurts his timing. Didn't feel like he threw the ball better on the move than when his feet were still. When under pressure will fall away to make his throws. Not as solid handling pressure, mechanics tend to break down.
  • Has the touch for the back shoulder throw. Much better quarterback from the pocket. Most of his throws were quick and underneath.

Josh Harris                                RB, Wake Forest (5-9, 206)

  • Is the starter at running back but will split reps with other backs. Will line up wide when they go empty backfield. Shows some elusive moves in the hole. Able to run himself out of tackles with a jump-cut.
  • Shows the ability to work into the flat and up the field in a route. Is able to find space when holes appear closed off. Will need work as a pass protector. Doesn't hit square. Will lunge and throw his shoulder to try and secure his man. Will attack the hole with the ball in his hands. Best trait appears to be his vision.
  • Thought he did a nice job of seeing blocks develop but finding space. Offensive line takes massive splits, which helps him run the ball inside. Needs to get his eyes around quicker on the screen. Well set up against Miami but was slow to find ball. Will spin out of the hole. Aware of who to pick up on blitz but just has a hard time finishing the block. Gets in position but poor execution. 
  • Showed the ability to get around the corner against Florida State. Will carry the ball inside. Will plant and cut the ball back. Able to draw a pass interference call against Lamarcus Joyner of Florida State on a route up the sideline. Interesting prospect due to his running style and his vision to create plays.

Jordan Najvar                         TE, Baylor (6-5, 256)

    • Will line up inline but also in the back field as a move guy or the "F".  Physically has a long upper body with short legs. Is a get in the way blocker more than he is the guy that is going to hammer you.
    • Comes off the ball with initial quickness but doesn't strike. Will shield and move his feet. Will jump inside on the cutoff block, extend his hands and move with his man. Didn't sort out the line stunts well with the tackles. Had trouble working to the second level.
    • Will help in pass protection but needs to engage with his man and not allow him around the edge. Didn't do well having to block a defensive end. Just not strong enough to handle those blocks. Catch blocker. Feels his way along to hunt his man.  Is natural catching the ball in his hands. Is a little bit of a foot pounder when it comes to running routes but did show the ability to get in and out of his breaks. [embedded_ad]
  • Doesn't move badly up the field. Not much wasted motion on the out and up. Will adjust to the ball down the field, able to track it.  Can run the option route, inside then back out. Catches the ball well. Will need some more strength to compete as an inline tight end. For his size, wish he played with more power but looks athletic.

Glasco Martin                          RB, Baylor (5-11, 217)

  • Plays in a read-option offense next to the quarterback. Plays with some start-stop quickness.
  • Going to run the ball tough inside. Doesn't appear to have in the way of quickness with the ball in his hands. Steady, attacking style. Don't see the type of back that is going to create much on his own. Will show a burst when he sees a hole.  Not afraid to try and run defenders over. Will lower his head and run with power. Will try and punish at the end. Not the type of back that is going to run away from you.
  • Did show the ability to break an arm tackle in space. Was in the game late against TCU with the ball in his hands trying to kill the game. Ran for some tough yards to put his club in position to win the game. Appears to play at the level of his timed 40 yard dash speed but looked a bit quicker in his work out for scouts this spring.   
  • Would not say that he has natural hands. There is some struggle there to catch the ball cleanly. Will help in pass protection. Has an understanding of where he needs to be, puts himself in position. Doesn't get in the way of the blocker. Will step up and take on blitzer but needs to be more square in his technique better job of this against Texas later in the game. Uses a shoulder.
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