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Rookie Free Agent Scouting Reports: Handful Of SEC Guys


(Editor's Note: will break down all of the undrafted free agents this week before the start of Friday's rookie mini-camp. Today, Bryan Broaddus scouted five players from SEC schools who have joined the Cowboys.)

*Chris Boyd                                 Vanderbilt, WR (6-4, 206)                    *

  • Was dismissed from the squad for a rules violation in September and missed the entire season. My look was from his 2012 season.
  • Will line up in the slot when they go with "11" personnel. Physically is impressive looking on the tape. Will snatch the ball with his hands and run through tacklers. Would not say that he has outstanding initial quickness or long speed but can track and adjust to the ball on the route. When he does separate or gets in the clear, he can make the catch.
  • Emotional player. Going to build up speed as he goes but not the type of guy that is going to run away from the corner. Will lay out for the ball. If you put it on him, he will catch it. Has a nose for the sticks. Will catch the ball and put his head down to get the first. Will catch screens and be physical with the ball.
  • Not afraid to go inside. Can adjust to the low ball. Will fight for the contested ball. Outstanding sideline awareness and balance with his feet. Has the size to play the X but might need to work him at Z to get him going in the route with movement.

J.C. Copeland                            LSU, FB (5-11, 268)

  • Has the awareness to slide and pick up his man on the second level. There are times where he goes low and that gets him in trouble. Needs to stay on his feet and punish the man. There are snaps where he will bounce off his man.
  • Used as a move guy in TCU game and not as effective. Is much better when he can get on that track.
  • When he hits square, he can erase his man. Would not say that he has the best adjustment in space. Did a much better job of attacking the linebacker in the Auburn game. Will line up as a true fullback in the "I" formation or off set. Is not afraid to take on defensive linemen. There are times where he doesn't hit square. Could have cleaned up better in the hole with his power.
  • Can get push off the edge when needed. When he catches the defender right, is a load to try and handle. Pads down and feet keep working. Can be hit and miss on his sustain. Would be surprised how much he is on the ground. Soft hands to catch the ball in the flat. Simple route runner.
  • Showed awareness on the blitz pickup against Florida. Gave up a pressure in Mississippi State game because he lunged.

Dontavis Sapp                          Tennessee, OLB (6-2, 234)

  • Will flow to the ball. Can carry the running back out of the backfield in coverage. Will force the ball back inside. Will step up and take on the fullback. Wasn't fooled by the play action. Worked through trash made tackle.
  • Plays with a good burst. Does a good job of playing in coverage.
  • Would like to see him get rid of blocker quicker. Struggles when they get to him. Can stay with his man in the flat. Knows how to play the ball. Good in his zone drops. Aware to play the slant. Will make hit on receiver in space. Reads well on the move.
  • Played the low block well with his hands. Played square on quarterback draw. Is patient in the way he plays. Would like to see him bust his rear more getting to the ball. Could make far more plays. Aware to play the routes underneath.

Ryan Smith                               Auburn, S (6-0, 195)

    • Will play out of the middle of the field. Nice reaction to the screen. Has some pop on the safety blitz. Good awareness in coverage. Had an interception off a tipped ball in A&M game.
    • Plays with some catch up speed. Nice effort. Will go low as a tackler. Not afraid to take on blockers at the point of attack. Can find the ball. Patient in the way he plays the quarterback in space. Smart doesn't over commit.
    • Needs to finish better in space when tackling. Nice job of reading the underneath routes. Showed a burst coming on the blitz against Tennessee, able to deliver a nice blow to the quarterback. Can cover some ground to the outside. Is a chop down tackler. Can avoid blockers. Can run ball carriers down.
    • Like the way he puts himself in position to tackle, just needs to finish better. Will play around the line. Nice adjustment up the seam in the Georgia game, appears to play better in coverage than he does as a tackler. [embedded_ad]
  • Struggles to break down in space for the tackle. Will miss more than he makes. Will need to clean that part of his game up. Not afraid to come forward but tends to lower his head and go to the ground. Movement skills are good.

L'Damian Washington          Missouri, WR (6-3, 195)

  • Will line up inside in the slot. Can cover some ground as he gets up the field. There is some quickness to his game.
  • Can make the contested catch. Has moves in the open field. Will give up his body to make the catch of the poorly thrown ball. Will need to learn how to physically get off the press. Texas A&M tried to beat him up a little bit. When he can get a step on the defender, he can get by. Tends to like to trap the ball against his body.
  • Would like to see him extend more on it. Gave effort as a blocker on the edge in the screen. Did catch a ball across the middle with his hands. Needs to do a better job of coming back to the ball on the curl. Has impressive quickness when he works against the zone.
  • Given free access, he does his best work. Puts himself in position to make big plays. Doesn't always connect with quarterback. Can make tough catches inside. Will take a tough shot in the back and hang on. Has a nice long touchdown against Georgia on a half back pass, kept feet in bounds with body control but did body catch the ball.
  • Played as an outside flyer on the punt team, made two tackles in the Georgia game and a tackle on an interception against Indiana as well.                                                 
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