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Run Defense Facing Yet Another Challenge

Whether you've heard of him or not, Buffalo is bringing a pretty good tailback into Cowboys Stadium on Sunday.

Fantasy football owners should know about Fred Jackson. And if you happen to check out the NFL rushing leaders every once in a while, you'd see his name there as well.

Jackson has burst onto the scene for the Bills' running game and poses as another tough challenge for a Cowboys' run defense that did rank No. 1 in the NFL just two weeks ago. That was before Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy went for 185 yards and then Seattle's Marshawn Lynch ripped off 135 yards. Also, four of the five rushing touchdowns against the Cowboys have occurred in the last three games.
Now the Cowboys rank 10th in the NFL in run defense, allowing 102.4 yards per game.

As for Jackson, he ranks third in the NFL with 803 yards and six touchdowns.

Coach Jason Garrett said he has confidence the run defense will return to form but said working on the aspects of run defense will be reiterated this week in practice.

"I think it's technically, for each individual guy and I think it's us as a group just being more disciplined in our gap control," Garrett said. "You have to do that every week. You're challenged that way every week in this league. Different run schemes come at you and you've got to make sure you're good individually with your technique, defending your gap and beating your guy, but also having gap discipline as a football team. I think at times we did that really well in the game yesterday. At other times we didn't. We've got to continue to try to be more consistent in that area."

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