Ryan More Careful With His Comparisons

It's only been four games into the regular season, but what we're getting everything we expected from defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

The defense hasn't just been better on the field, but he's lived up to the personality we thought as well. And he's not afraid to offer up some bulletin-board material, like he did in training camp, calling the Eagles the "dream team" or before the Lions game two weeks ago when he said Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson was really good but nearly as good as Dez Bryant and Miles Austin.

This week, Ryan was more careful in how he answered the question about Patriots receiver Wes Welker.

"I'm afraid to comment on wideouts. Apparently I don't know anything," Ryan joked. "All I know is that this guy is great. He catches every pass. He's leading the league in yardage, catches, he's great in the red zone. He's a great competitor. I know he's damn good and gets a million throws from Brady."

After Ryan's comments about Johnson, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz opened his post-game press conference with a sarcastic jab towards Ryan, telling the media he's happy the Cowboys' third-best receiver (Calvin Johnson) was with the Lions.

"I'm not going to compare anybody any more, even though Dez Bryant did catch two TD passes," Ryan said. "So did the other guy. I've given that up. Hell, I've taken a beating for that."

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