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Thoughts from Day 2 Cowboys Rookie Mini Camp

I mentioned what a rough day it was for several of the young players yesterday and what an adjustment it was going to be once this game became a career for them. I had a feeling that Saturday would be better for several reasons and in fact it was. There still is the question of conditioning for many of these players but at least they had a much better understanding what was expected of them and were able to concentrate more on their assignments and the execution of them to try and leave these coaches and scouts a better picture of their ability as they move forward toward training camp.

  • It was a huge struggle for several of the wide receivers in Friday's practice and Tim Benford was one of those guys but Saturday was a nice bounce back day for him. On tape you see a talented player that was a good route runner, that knows how to separate but when asked to catch the ball in traffic can make the clutch catch. In the morning practice Benford ran a curl route on Mario Butler that was text book with Butler still in close contact in coverage. The ball was delivered to the far right of Benford but he was able to adjust his body and grab the ball out of the air with ease. Later in the period, Benford beat Isaac Madison off the jam and takes off vertical, Benford gaining separation on the speedy Madison turns to look for the ball but Larry Smith throws the ball in a spot where Benford has no chance to grab it thus resulting in an incomplete. In the afternoon practice Benford was able to run an "in" route sitting down in the zone giving his quarterback an easy throw for a completion.
  • Saturday was a good day for the safeties on defense. I observed Matt Johnson getting an opportunity to move down in the box to play some coverage against James Hanna which he did quite well. In the afternoon practice, Johnson was playing in the deep middle sitting on coverage of wide receiver David Little when Larry Smith once again over throws the ball which perfectly ends up in the waiting hands of Johnson. Eddie Whitley in the afternoon practice did a nice job of reading a crossing route underneath and was able to drive on the ball knocking it down as the same time it go to the receiver.
  • Offensive tackle Levy Adcock had a much better day after a disappointing one on Friday. Adcock is not the most athletic player on tape so with him I didn't expect anything really fluid moving but he did a much better job of getting movement in the running game but his pass sets had some purpose today and being sloppy on Friday. Jeff Adams in my view has struggled the most of the tackles I have seen this camp. His frame doesn't have much mass to it so it's really hard for him to sit down and take a defender on at the point of attack. There has been too many times where rushers like Tyrone Crawford and Adrian Hamilton have easily got the best of him. Tyrone Novikoff was a tackle at Idaho but is now working at guard and he too has had his share of struggles. He is a slow footed player and it really shows in pass protection.
  • Some workout guys that have caught my eye, fullback Jamize Olawale really does a nice job of catching the football when asked to. Linebacker Dorvus Woods plays on the outside and has a little juice when he rushes the passer. The law firm of Caragein, Black, and Bass has done a solid job along the defensive line. The players I am speak of are nose tackle Myles Caragein and ends Luke Black and Ben Bass. All three have played with high motors and could get a shot in camp.
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