Scout's Eye: 3 Questions Include Bryant-Sherman Matchup

16 May 2018: Views during the Dallas Cowboys at the Reliant Home Run Derby charity competition at the Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

  • What surprised you the most in the Cowboys victory?

How much success that the Cowboys had running the football. I felt like they needed to hit quickly with plays because of how fast the Seahawks close gaps and rally to the ball. I really liked the way that play-caller Scott

Linehan came with the plan of trying to use a committee approach and when those young backs got a chance – they were able to take full advantage of the situation. I believe the reason that Linehan went away from that approach in the second half was just because of the faith that he had in Murray and his ability to not only run the football, but also how much they needed him in protection when the game got tight.

  • Are you now a believer in this Cowboys defense?

I am getting close, but I knew it was going to take every defensive player they had dressed against the Seahawks to play a perfect game if they were going to have a chance. Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli had an outstanding plan and he called a heck of a game, but the execution by his players was the difference in the victory. The pressure by the front was enough to keep Russell in the pocket and the coverage on the back end was outstanding. It appeared that Marinelli decided that these Seattle receivers were not going to beat his cornerbacks and he was able to play a lot of man coverage, which is exactly what these Cowboys corners need to do because it is their strength. I am a believer in the way that this defense is using its rotation as a strength, and Rolando McClain is playing physical at linebacker. [embedded_ad]

  • How did you like the matchup between Dez Bryant and Richard Sherman?

I have to be honest when I say this, but I am happy that Linehan didn't go away from Bryant when Sherman moved across the field and began to pick him up in star coverage. It could have been real easy for Linehan and Romo just to throw their hands up and try to go somewhere else, but they stuck with their plan and kept running their offense. There are always going to be times where Sherman is going to be in position to make a play or two, but there will also be those opportunities when as a receiver you can physically beat up on him or run a route where he struggles in coverage because of his lack of foot quickness. The Cowboys offensively did not play scared against Sherman, and with all their offensive weapons, I really saw no reason why they needed to do so. And that goes for any of the other outstanding cornerbacks they face this season.

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