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Scout's Eye: Exploring Options Now With Lawrence's Injury


  • With the injury to the foot of DeMarcus Lawrence during the one-on-one pass rush drill, there are a couple of different ways that the front office and coaches can play this. They still have their projected starter in Jeremy Mincey in position so that is a positive from their point of view. Now Martez Wilson, who had been

seeing time behind Lawrence and who hasn't looked bad at all in the drills and the opportunities that he has received during the camp. His hand use has gotten better, he has always had the ability to burst and chase along with the knack to be able to bend and finish. They could also flop George Selvie over on passing downs and go with Tyrone Crawford at the left end just to see how that would work. I have heard the name Larry English mentioned a bunch and the Cowboys visited with him here recently but you have to remember that he too is coming off a scope of his knee that he is still waiting on and the last two seasons he too has not been a picture of health and has missed several games. To be honest, I have a feeling that the front office might feel like that Wilson is a better player than English and would consider other options.  

  • BW Webb finally looked like the player I thought he might become when he was drafted last season out of William & Mary. He played with far more aggressiveness and when he had to be physical he stepped up and was able to handle that aspect of the game. With Webb you have a player that plays with lateral quickness and agility. He can be a hard guy to run away from and it was finally nice to see him put all that together. He did a nice job of using his hands and staying in position with the receiver. He wasn't reaching or grabbing to just try and hold on. He showed awareness and the understanding of what the receiver was trying to do to him route wise and he was able to counter that movement. There is no question that Webb has the skill to play in the slot or outside and cover from those positions as long as he stays aggressive and continues that approach. It's when he doesn't play that way he is no use to this defense. Maybe Tuesday's practice was a step in the right direction for him because he sure played better.
  • It appears that rookie Anthony Hitchens is getting more snaps in his natural linebacker position on the outside. Where I have been impressed with Hitchens is with the range that he has been able to play with. There is an extended burst to his game and he has that ability to once he sees it, he is gone. He is a fluid moving player that can extend his hands, work down the line and get to the ball.  He is playing with a great deal of awareness in the running [embedded_ad] game. His body control has been very good along with his contact balance. He has a real knack for being able to play on his feet and the more of an opportunity that he has to handle situations on the move, the better he has played. He looks more comfortable playing now than he did while he was lined up as the Mike linebacker. Been a good start for him.
  • Sure wish that I could have seen more from L'Damian Washington in these practices because my scouting eye thought that I would have. I have yet to see him make any of those types of down the field plays that I observed while he was at Missouri. I feel like the biggest issue for him has been his ability to finish plays. He just hasn't put himself in good enough position to do that. His practices continue to be him dealing with a man on him, trying to reach back and make a catch. He really hasn't extended for a ball and gone up to take it away from a defender. Instead of aggressively going to snatch it, he has allowed it to try and get to his body. We all know when that happens that defensive backs have a chance to knock it away and they have done just that. In watching him play, I am not sure really how confident he is? He is unlike the other receivers on this team that have that attack the ball and attack the defender. There is no question that he has the initial quickness with the extended speed to separate but he is playing like he is stuck in first gear. He has the appearance of a guy that can be an electric player but it just hasn't happened for him in this first week of training camp.
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