Scout's Eye: Full Scouting Report On DT Marvin Austin


The Scout's Eye takes a look at Marvin Austin, who signed with the Cowboys Tuesday.

Games Studied: New York Giants 2013 vs. Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, New York Jets

  • Was a defensive tackle in a four-man line. Played as both the one and three technique. Looks better suited to play the one size wise.
  • Big bodied player. Has some initial pop and power with his hands. When he wants to fire off the ball, he can get some push but there are times where he is tick late off the ball, which puts him behind the play. Like to see him play with more initial quickness.
  • Can be a Hot & Cold player. Times where he makes a play or two then gone for the next four. More motivated after he has a successful play.
  • When he is on, will chase the ball, work down the line and get in on the tackle. Will make an effort to find the ball. When he is off, you would never know he is on the field.
  • Has the power and strength to fight double teams but just need to see it more often. Saw one time where he was outstanding defending a back block, playing it with his hands, then the next time, he was just got washed out of the play. Needs to be more consistent using his power. Can be a tough player to handle one-on-one when he is on the move. Actually some of his better work when he can play this way.
  • Will need some work when he gets here on how to execute the twist stunt. Needs to come tighter in his path, much too wide. Needs to play with better quickness when he does this. Will never get home on a rush playing this way. [embedded_ad]
  • Not many pass rush moves. Did see one arm over move vs. the Colts, mainly relies on just upper body power to get push.
  • Showed some awareness to play the screen. Was able to read the scheme, then work towards the ball.     My overall take is that Austin is an interesting player when he wants to play because you do see the ability, but you also do not see it every snap which bothers me. Has a great deal of boom or bust to his game.    
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