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Scout's Eye: Limiting Taylor's Running Ability Is Sunday's Biggest Key

IRVING, Texas – My two biggest keys to this Bills-Cowboys matchup on Sunday afternoon.

Dallas Cowboys Will Win If:

When Jerry Jones built this offensive line, his number one priority was to spend the resources in order to keep the front of the pocket clean. He knew with Tony Romo it was never about the rush off the edge, but how you create an environment for him where he can step up to deliver the ball. Nothing bothers Romo more than having to deal with inside pressure, and Jones was able to assemble a group that prevented that.

If the Cowboys are going to win this game on Sunday, it is going to come down to how well Travis Frederick, Zack Martin and La'el Collins play. Kellen Moore is going to need the front of that pocket clean. He is going to need to be able to slide left or right without duress and see what is developing down the field. His fourth down pass to Cole Beasley in that Jets game was a prime example of how it needs to work for him. The pocket was clean and he had plenty of time to check Jason Witten on the out, Terrance Williams on the cross and come back to Beasley a little deeper inside.

I believe that Rex Ryan is going to attempt to attack Moore from the outside and make him have to throw from the pocket, but also hope that Marcell Dareus can win some battles inside. Ryan knows that he can't allow Moore time to throw -- because if he is allowed to do so, he will pick his defense apart.

Buffalo Bills Will Win If:

Without LeSean McCoy in the game, the Bills are going to have to find offense from another source. I am not sure that they can win this game by just using Karlos Williams and Mike Gillislee.

If the Bills are going to win this game, it going to have to be on the legs of Tyrod Taylor and not their running backs. I feel like the Cowboys defense will be able to control this Bills running game without McCoy in the lineup, but I am not sure that they can prevent Taylor from hurting them with runs and scrambles – especially when they're dropped back in coverage. We have seen in the previous games, Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Fitzpatrick hurt them with timely scrambles that were able to extend drives that resulted in points.

What I do know is that Taylor is a significantly better runner than either Rodgers or Fitzpatrick and that has to be a huge concern for this Dallas defense. If the Bills win this game, it will be by running the ball -- but not from the normal source.


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