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Scout's Eye: More Rookie Minicamp Workout Players To Consider

IRVING, Texas – Below are scouting reports of four more weekend workout players from the Cowboys' rookie minicamp this past weekend:

Brandon Bridge, QB, South Alabama

Really winds up to throw the ball. Buggy whip type of an arm. Can throw the backside slant or the vertical "9" route. The longer he has to throw the ball down the field the better chance he has of making the play. Can throw the ball on the line. There are throws where you see his receivers have to work to catch it. Looks like he throws to spots more than trying to hit the receiver. Would not say that he has good touch with the ball – all-or-nothing type of a player. Has no problem trying to force the ball into the tight window. Nice mobility in the pocket and out in space with the ball in his hands. Can buy a second chance with his legs. Plays with athletic ability. Will jump over tacklers in space. Strong to break out of the grip of tacklers and make the throw. Will finish the run along the sideline. Will climb and keep his eyes down the field. Can throw the ball on the move with some pace. Doesn't always throw a perfect spiral. Will hang in the pocket as well to deliver the ball. Not afraid to take a hit. Plays with a glove on his throwing hand (Right). 

Isiah Dunning, DT, Grand Valley State

Lines up as the under tackle but will also play at times at the nose. Best when he is on the move. Has a burst to close on the quarterback. Can redirect down the line to find the ball. Wrap up tackler. Gets double teamed quite a bit on passing downs. First move tends to be straight up, needs to work on getting his pads down. Best when he can attack the corner. Will extend his hands to play off the blocker. Aware of the ball. Will fight his way up the field. Can play against the double team. Needs better balance when running the twist. Longer the drive went, the harder it was for him to continue to attack. There were stretches where he was out of the game. Needs to win on that first step. Will push off blockers to get to the ball.

Ron Fields, CB, Texas A&M-Commerce

Lines up as a left cornerback. Long, rangy build. Doesn't have the best quickness or foot speed but manages to stay with his man. Bad misread in coverage out of the zone. Best when he can play up on the receiver in press. Has to be careful not to make it a personal battle and lose sight of the ball. Can hold receivers off with his length. Takes him time to turn and run with the receiver in off coverage.

Physical to get rid of the receiver to get in on tackle. Can be hit-and-miss as a wrap up tackler but not afraid to stick his nose in there. Doesn't have catch-up speed. Takes time for him to come out of his break. Nice job of playing the ball down the field for an INT against West Texas A&M. Good position and played ball over his head. Tracked it well. Love his size and how physical he plays but the lack of speed will hurt him. Might need to consider playing him as a free safety.

Chucky Hunter, DT, TCU

Plays in a stance where it doesn't allow him to fire off the ball all the time. Really good when he can just attack the gap up the field. Will spin back inside to make a tackle. Some good initial quickness. Nice arm over move to free himself. Doesn't have the power to split the double team. Will retrace his steps to get back into play. Can be disruptive on the move. Aware to get outside on the swing pass. Will work down the line, get to the outside and make the tackle. Quick swim move. Times where he gets tied up on blockers and has trouble getting away but gives you everything he has on each down.


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