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Scout's Eye: Rookie Minicamp Workout Players Who Caught My Eye

IRVING, Texas – Below are scouting reports for four weekend workout players who caught my eye during the Cowboys' rookie minicamp this past weekend:

Keshawn Hill, RB, Sam Houston

Runs tough, will lower his head and fight for yards. Ability to find the hole and attack it. Knows who to block in pass protection and is willing to step up and take on his man. Not afraid to block defenders larger than himself. Can catch the ball in the flat, can get up the field. Knows where the sticks are and works to finish the play. Better balance in the McNeese game than against LSU. Able to make tacklers miss. Will stop and look to cut the ball back but doesn't always have the quickness to pull the move off. Doesn't have the speed to really get the ball around the corner. Better quickness when he goes straight ahead. Doesn't have the ability to create runs on his own. Better upper body strength that lower. Not a home run type of back. Just a steady, workmanlike back.

Kenny Williams, RB, Texas Tech

Plays in a rotating system that is a spread attack. Has a little Phillip Tanner in the way he plays. Square build and can get up the field. Good hands and run after catch. Able to make one move in the open field and go. Not afraid to throw his shoulder into the tackler. Will finish runs. Catches the ball well on the move. Fights for extra yards; will bounce off tacklers in the hole. Will use a spin move to avoid tacklers. Good balance. Will block as a lead back for the quarterback on the draw. Will stick his nose in there and fit on the defender. Nice contact balance when he engages. Can make a defender miss in open space. Will find the goal line. Really tough kid.

Donnie Baggs, LB, Texas A&M

Lines up as a Sam linebacker. Will extend his hands to play off blocks but needs to do it quicker when the ball is coming at him. Will play off the line in the slot to carry the tight end in coverage. Will give some ground. Will fill inside against the run. Used as a blitzer. Good wrap up tackler in space. Will flow to the ball but doesn't have speed or quickness doing it. Glider. Will work through the trash to the ball. Needs to develop more upper body strength to fight from getting reached. Will step up and fill from inside. Will hop around blocks on the edge. Understands where he needs to fit in his zone drops in coverage-not out of place. Needs to close quicker from the backside.

Reshod Fortenberry, OT, Texas Tech

Has some pop in his hands. Is physically a tough player that lacks initial quickness and foot speed. There were snaps where lateral range appeared good than others where he looked slow getting out. Has to be careful not to duck his head on pass protection. Needs to work to keep his weight back. Has upper body power and strength. Can anchor down when he has to deal with a bull rush. Gets out on the screen but will be off balance. Aware to help when he is uncovered. Difficult for him to quickly adjust inside; much better when he can work to the outside. Comes off the ball in the running game. Gets into his man and can get some movement. Gets in trouble when he misses with his hands. Some struggles with quickness which causes him to play off balance. Pulled to the inside but missed his target. Doesn't always redirect well. Sustain can be hit and miss but works hard to try and finish his blocks. Not a pretty player at all but surprises you with how he blocks. 

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