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Scout's Eye: Studying Romo's Stellar Saturday


OXNARD, Calif. -- In watching Tony Romo live, then later on tape, it's clear that Saturday's practice was by far his best day throwing the ball during training camp.

His release and delivery appeared smooth and without hesitation. He showed touch when trying to lay the ball in between defenders and accuracy when working the ball downfield, as well as in his short and intermediate game.

For Romo, it really didn't matter whether he was throwing inside or outside the numbers, he was putting the ball in a position where his receivers just simply had to put their hands in position to catch it. His vision to see the routes develop and the timing to deliver the ball was on point.

There had been some questions about his ability to deliver the deep ball. Last week in the Blue-White Scrimmage, he did have some balls fluttered on him, but on Saturday this was not an issue at all.

In his first snap of one-on-one work with the wide receivers and cornerbacks, Romo cut a ball loose to Dez Bryant along the left sideline that fell perfectly, softly into Bryant's hands -- not even breaking stride.

In seven-on-seven he ripped two balls back-to-back -- one to Jason Witten from the right slot, running to his left. The ball was over the top of the linebackers and right in front of Barry Church. The next play, he found James Hanna running up the left seam, again putting the ball right in front of Church.

When the offense moved onto the blitz period, Romo again made two throws that were outstanding. Terrance Williams was wide right and beat B.W. Webb off the line, going up the field. There was good separation and Romo threw the ball to the outside near the sideline. When the ball left his hand, it first appeared as if he had overthrown it. Williams tracked the ball and in full extension caught the ball in his hands, securing it to his body.

Photos from Saturday's afternoon practice in Oxnard.

In that same period, Romo fielded a low snap from Travis Frederick while the whole time keeping his eyes down the field. Out of the right slot went Gavin Escobar, running up the field then across to the left corner. Romo checked to see where Dez Bryant was, but then turned his attention to Escobar – who had Orlando Scandrick near him.  

Even with Escobar in traffic, Romo chose to throw the ball in his direction. Understanding Escobar's height, Romo was able to get the ball down the field on target, allowing him to go up and make a play as Scandrick swiped at the ball in an attempt to avoid the contact and a pass interference call.

It was a gutsy throw but an even better play by Escobar to come down with it.

This Cowboys medical staff has always had a plan in regard of how to work Tony Romo back into football shape after his surgery. With that plan and timetable in mind, they have brought Romo along to the point where we are starting to see favorable ways in which he is practicing and Saturday's practice was a great example of that.

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