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Scout's Eye: Young Titans CB Could Be Tough For Williams


IRVING, Texas – Having broken down the tape of the Titans' tape in Kansas City, I've got two more key matchups I think will play a big role in this Week 2 tilt.

One of those is going to take place in the trenches, where the Cowboys should get a Pro Bowler back in the starting lineup. The other is out wide, where we'll see a battle of youth against youth between the Cowboys' No. 2 receiver and the Titans' No. 2 corner.

Cowboys Henry Melton DT against Titans Chance Warmack OG

Melton will get the start this week against the Titans after getting some much-needed work against the 49ers last Sunday. In those snaps against the 49ers, I was surprised that Melton played as well as he did given the time he had been off from practice.

He actually came off the ball with some nice initial quickness and burst that gave 49ers guard Joe Looney some problems. Melton will be matched up against Chance Warmack, who is more of a power player than quick-footed. Where Melton has to be careful in playing against Warmack is not to allow him to get his hands on him. Warmack is at his best is when he can grab and clutch the rusher to control him. He has incredible upper body strength and if he gets his hands inside it is over for the rusher.

Melton will need to stay on the edges to fight this guy. Warmack will have trouble with Melton's quickness. He really has some trouble when he really had to block a quick defender and that is where Melton can put him in a bad spot. The more than Melton can stay active and on the move, the more likely he will get Warmack over-extended and reaching on blocks -- which will play in Melton's favor.

Cowboys Terrance Williams WR against Titans Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB

From what I was able to see off the tape last week when the Titans faced the Chiefs, [embedded_ad]

Tennessee defensive coordinator Ray Horton put Jason McCourty on Donnie Avery the majority of the contest. I expect that Horton will attempt to do the same thing in dealing with Dez Bryant. McCourty is the Titans' best cover man, and that would only make sense.

With McCourty tracking Bryant, that means Blidi Wreh-Wilson will have to handle Terrance Williams. In this matchup, Wilson is more than capable of working against Williams – who, like McCourty is skillful in his own right. Wreh-Wilson will also have the responsibility of playing out of the slot for the Titans.

When studying Wreh-Wilson, I see really a complete cornerback. He is comfortable whether he has to play off or in press man. He has a nice understanding of how to read routes and react to the receiver. His best trait is his vision, because it keeps him from overreacting to the route. When he sees it he is usually on it.

There is no guessing in his game. Ieally appreciate the way that he is able to key and diagnose plays. He is a disciplined player and it is rare to see him out of position. He shows range in man coverage and the ability to cover the field when he is carried across it. He's willing in support, and because of this, Horton is not afraid to bring him off the edge as a blitzer. If Terrance Williams or Cole Beasley are sloppy in their routes or techniques, Wreh-Wilson will not give them an inch.

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