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Scout's Notebook: Dez On The Move, Lucky's Hands, New Scouting Report

OXNARD, Calif. – Five notes from a spirited practice at Cowboys training camp on Tuesday afternoon.

  • I thought this was the best practice that Dak Prescott has had since we arrived in California. His command of the two-minute drill was outstanding. It reminded me of his days at Mississippi State. He was quick with decisions and accurate with his passes. There were several snaps where he had to deliver the ball into the teeth of a blitz and he was able to pull it off. He smartly used Cole Beasley, Jason Witten and Dez Bryant in the quick game to combat the pressure that he was facing. The offensive line and backs did a nice job of giving him the time to make the throws, but in the end it was his ability, confidence and poise that allowed him to have the success on this day.
  • I have come to the realization that the more you put Dez Bryant on the move, the better chance you have for an explosive play. By giving Bryant a running start, you are putting the coverage at a huge disadvantage. It happened again during the 7-on-7 period when Bryant motioned across the field, left to right, creating a "bunch" formation to that side. On the snap, he sprinted inside back to the left, leaving Orlando Scandrick in a trailing position. Even with his speed, Scandrick could not keep up with Bryant across the field, making it an easy pitch and catch for Dak Prescott to get him the ball. I would expect that we will see further adjustments in this offensive scheme to keep putting Dez Bryant on the move.
  • I had been waiting for Kavon Frazier to show up during these practices, and during the goal line period, he did just that. Frazier was lined up on the right side of the defensive formation inside of Mike McAdoo. His defensive assignment was to take first threat in the flat, which happened to be Keith Smith playing the fullback. Frazier reacted to Smith as he collided with McAdoo. Smith was able to shake off McAdoo and head for the flat. Frazier was in perfect position to the Smith's upfield shoulder as Jameill Showers threw the ball low, causing Smith to have to adjust. Frazier closed on Smith so quickly that it caused him to fall away from the goal line. Smith tried to reach the ball across for a touchdown, but he was in no position to score. It was a heck of an effort by Kavon Frazier on a bang-bang play to keep the offense off the board.
  • Not the type of practice that Lucky Whitehead wants to relive in the film room Tuesday night. I counted three drops on the day – two coming in 1-on-1 and the other during two-minute drill. What was troubling is that Whitehead, on that final drop, tried to body catch the ball but Isaiah Frey was able to drive on him and knock it away. To Whitehead's credit, he is normally able to extend his hands and make those types of catches. I believe after the two previous drops, his confidence was shaken and he was put in a situation where he was fighting the ball in order to make the catch, which is tough on a receiver.
  • I don't have college film here at camp, so here is my one practice scouting report on newly signed defensive end Shaneil Jenkins. He is listed as a defensive end, but he took the majority of his snaps as a defensive tackle. His listed weight is 281, but he looks much thicker than that --especially in the lower body. Not a fat guy but overall big. Really powerful. Can get off the ball and get his hands inside quickly. Did a nice job of controlling the blocker on the rush. Is a hard guy to set your feet on. Can walk his man back into the quarterback and push the pocket. Had a chance to work the twist stunt with Ryan Russell and the execution was poor on both ends. Later came back in the drills and overpowered Ronald Leary, knocking him off balance then outworking him to the quarterback. For his first day it was encouraging to see him step in and get some solid reps.         


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