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Scout's Notebook: Dozen Quick Thoughts From Camp Week 2


OXNARD, Calif. – Here are some random thoughts from camp as we wrap up the second week here in California, starting off with the first real camp fight, stemming from the hit J.J. Wilcox put on Dez Bryant over the middle in Sunday's Blue-White Scrimmage.

  • It takes guts to lay out your best offensive player in a practice and live to tell about.
  • If I am carrying the ball on the outside…I want Dwayne Harris to be blocking for me.
  • Even the slimmed down version of Ronald Leary has unreal upper body strength. It's impressive to watch defenders having to restart their rush because of the shock in his punch. Next to Tyron Smith, I believe he has the heaviest hands on the offensive line.   
  • Devin Street is much faster than I thought.
  • Good or bad….count me in as a fan of Terrance Mitchell. Give me the guy that is going to battle his rear off to try and make a play. There are times where Mitchell's technique is way off but that doesn't stop him from stepping back up and trying again. He is clearly not afraid to compete. [embedded_ad]
  • Other than Sean Lee, DeVonte Holloman is the best cover linebacker on this squad.
  • Justin Durant is making me look bad. I gave him no shot to be the starter at Mike linebacker but he has nothing but look comfortable and confident in handling the position.  There is a real desire for him within to get to that football.
  • If you are a linebacker in the path of JC Copeland beware.
  • This defensive staff has to be encouraged by the play of Davon Coleman and Ken Bishop….I know the GM is.
  • I have yet to see LP Ladouceur have a bad snap.
  • I enjoy watching Dez Bryant and Orlando Scandrick battle on the field. Despite being physically smaller than Bryant, Scandrick refuses to give an inch to him.  Usually he does a nice job of keeping his emotions in check but when see you him battle Bryant you can tell exactly how he did.
  • Gary Brown and DeMarco Murray are great influences in how these running backs are attempting to pick up blitzes.
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