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Scout's Notebook: Four Players I'm Watching In The Early Going

OXNARD, Calif. – A few more bullet points this morning from Cowboys training camp, as we get set to see our first action of the 2015 preseason.

More specifically, I wanted to highlight four players I've got my eye on at the opening of camp – and for a variety of different reasons. These are guys I think have something to prove when the Cowboys begin the process of whittling down this roster for the start of the regular season.

Different Player?

I need to keep an eye on Brandon Carr this training camp. There have been a couple of different times where I have observed him and the other defensive backs working on their own and I have to say that this is the best that I have seen him look, technique-wise. All this offseason talk about his contract might have lit a fire.

Running Back Talk

I didn't read too much into what Jerry Jones said about Joseph Randle and how much confidence he has in him being an every down back. There is no question that Randle will get his shot, but Jones has to be careful in talking too much about Darren McFadden because of where he went to school -- Arkansas. If Jones comes off too strong then people don't give McFadden the credit for his talent instead of being from Jones' school. McFadden is the most complete back on this roster, regardless of where he went to school.

Serious or Not?

In my career I have been around players that have so much talent, but for some reason or another never live up to those expectations. If there is a player in this camp that invokes those thoughts for me, it's Davon Coleman. When Coleman first arrived on the scene as a rookie out of Arizona State I thought that this front office stole one. His tape was outstanding. His ability to make plays for such a big man was impressive to say the least. Then he makes the team, starts opening day and you are thinking he is on his way. But then he doesn't look like the same player and later finds himself on the practice squad for the remainder of the season. What was once so promising turns into disappointment. If Davon Coleman is going to make this 53-man roster again, he's going to have to showcase his talent, but more importantly he is going to have to be more serious about his job each and every day. There is a spot in this defensive line rotation, especially at tackle, for him, but if he doesn't change his approach he will be just another one of those players that didn't work out and that would be a shame. 

Linebacker Upgrade

I really do like what the front office did with their switching out of Andrew Gachkar for Cam Lawrence before camp opened. Gachkar is a much better special teams player, plus in those games where the club might get nicked up at linebacker he is better suited to come in and finish a game without the fear of getting exposed at the position. Gachkar is an every down player, where Lawrence really was only an option on early downs. The depth and the quality of the group is improved by this move.

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