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Scout's Notebook: Scandrick's 'Gut Check' Game, Durant's Instinct, More

• There is not a more dangerous receiver in the league when it comes to getting the ball on the move than Dez Bryant. As great as Bryant is in the air, he is even better when you make a defender have to chase him. Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan made the Redskins do just that and Bryant made them pay through the middle of the field. Bryant was right where he needed to be and Dak Prescott was more than willing to make sure that he was rewarded for his execution, which was outstanding.

• It was a "gut check" game for Orlando Scandrick, and to his credit, he was able to pull it off. There were questions about his health leading up to kickoff, but it did not appear that he was going to let that affect how he was going to play in the slot. As much as rookie Anthony Brown was prepared to play, this is where his inexperience could have hurt the defense. Scandrick will likely be limited each week in practice, but as long as he can line up in these games, he can still be a difference-maker.

• I had my doubts about linebacker Justin Durant and what he really could bring to this defense. That play he made on fourth down was pure instinct on his part. He wasn't fooled by the movement going away, and he knew that if he held his ground, there was going to be a good shot the ball was coming his way. Durant's positioning was perfect because if he is not there, and with Morris Claiborne struggling to get back in position on the slant, it was likely going to be a catch and a first down to keep the drive going.

• It wasn't easy for Ezekiel Elliott, but it was an improvement over the previous week. I thought the overall blocking was better, especially at the point of attack, but there still were several dirty runs that he had to make. I liked the way that he was able to finish, but I would like to see him do a better job of keeping his eyes up. It appeared that when he did get in space, his head and eyes would go down, which affected the way in which he ran. It's like it put him off balance and kept him from getting that little bit extra out of the run.

• The adjustment I thought that defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli would make during the game was to move defensive end Benson Mayowa from the right side to the left to rush. Instead, he took Tyrone Crawford from the inside and kicked him out. This was a position that Crawford played when he started his career, and to his credit, he was able to outwork Redskins offensive tackle Morgan Moses around the edge for his first sack of the season. Nice job by the defensive staff to create a matchup that they could have success with.

• I loved the play call on fourth down by Linehan that led to the first touchdown of the game. Defensively, the Redskins were flying to the ball on the Dak Prescott play-fake going left. By dragging Geoff Swaim across the line away from the flow, it created the perfect opening for Prescott to get him the ball on the move, where Swaim had nothing but green grass in front of him. Nice design and execution for a mobile quarterback at the right time.

• This was the first week that we saw Chaz Green as the extra blocker on short yardage. Green lined up on the left side next to Tyron Smith, and along with La'el Collins, they were able to blast a hole that enabled Ezekiel Elliott to easily secure the first down. I expect that we will see more of Green on the field in these situations instead of Gavin Escobar.

• I hated the onside kick call at that time. I understand the thought of being aggressive, which we normally don't see from Jason Garrett, but that was the wrong time. I am not giving the Redskins a short field in that tight of a situation, being what the score was. Garrett can talk about wanting to change the momentum of the game, but I make Kirk Cousins drive the ball on me. The defense was able to come up with a nice play on third down with three-man pressure in order to hold them to a field goal.

• Can't say that I was surprised by the type of game that Morris Claiborne was able to turn in. It is no easy task to deal with these Redskins receivers due to their different skill sets. Claiborne handled each assignment well and his technique was outstanding. He was aggressive when he had to be and he even showed some toughness coming off the edge tackling the much bigger Vernon Davis in space when it appeared the Redskins tight end was going to be able to get outside.

• Need to watch the tape of the 57-yard reception by Josh Doctson and see exactly what happened. During the game, I was sitting next to Dave Campo, and his initial thought was that Brandon Carr busted on the route. I have to trust his experience and expertise coaching the position, but with the way that the receivers exchanged on the route, the outside man was Carr's. I promise to dig a little further and get the correct answer. Just a note, it was a heck of a play for Jones to rally and get Doctson out of bounds because later in the drive, Cousins throws the interception to Barry Church.

• You want a play from the defense that no one is talking about? Check out the stop that Sean Lee made on Chris Thompson on third down with the Redskins driving in those final minutes. Lee read the play beautifully and timed it at the exact moment to keep Thompson from getting the necessary yardage for the first. The next play, Durant knocks the ball away on the fourth-down slant.  

• Strange day when the Washington Redskins end up with four sacks and the New York Giants have none. I would have lost money on that bet.

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