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Scout's Notebook: Tape Evaluations On The Cowboys' Undrafted Rookies

(Editor's Note: With this year's NFL draft in the books, it's time to take a look at what the Cowboys got. In the coming weeks, the staff of will take a look at each of the team's nine draft picks, examining why they were selected and what their role is moving forward)

FRISCO, Texas – Before the 2018 NFL Draft was even over, the Cowboys were in the process of rounding up their undrafted free agent class.

The Cowboys added 17 rookie free agents to their 2018 draft class over the weekend, filling out their 90-man roster as they prepare for the remainder of the offseason program – not to mention training camp.

As this week goes along, I'm going to scout these new additions and deliver a report on what to expect. As everyone knows, the Cowboys have a great history of finding great players among their undrafted free agents. It's important to know what these guys bring to the table.

Here are my reports on the first four signees:


David Wells, TE, San Diego State, 6-6, 256

  • Lines up as an inline "Y" tight end.  Doesn't play like most college tight ends.
  • Has the strength to hold defensive linemen in place along the line. Physical player.
  • Will finish his block. Can get some movement along the edge. Position blocker on the second level.
  • Works well on the combo block. Can grab the edge in the running game.
  • Will stay in to pass block. Nice set and punch, keeps his feet active.
  • Plays with some initial quickness off the line. 
  • Catches the ball well and then gets up the field. Takes him a little time to get going. Not the fastest. Will try and run over the tackle.
  • Can adjust to the ball over his head. Will find space to help his quarterback.
  • Can makes the contested catch. Doesn't struggle with men on his back.


Kameron Kelly, CB, San Diego State, 6-2, 206

  • Tenacious. Will drive to make it a contested ball. 
  • Outstanding ability to extend to knock the ball away. Ability to play around the receiver to get to the ball.
  • Will high point the ball. Nice job of tracking it down the field.
  • Has some problem when it comes to turning and running. Limited deep speed but somehow manages to stay in position.
  • Needs to get his hands on his man. Really nice key and diagnose. When he drives on it, he can defend it.
  • Used as a blitzer off the edge. Can make things happen attacking the pocket.
  • Doesn't bite on play fakes. Smart to realize what is happening to him.
  • Played in the slot at the Senior Bowl. Has the length that you might want to try him at safety.


Joel Lanning, LB, Iowa State, 6-1, 238

  • Stays square to take on the blocker. 
  • Will step up to make the tackle. Good job of finding the ball.
  • Doesn't play with much of a burst. 
  • Good wrap up tackler in space. Tackles and holds on.
  • Reads the quarterback's eyes in coverage and then reacts. Nice sack of Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield playing this way.
  • Will drive on the ball in coverage. 
  • Plays with great effort to run down the ball carrier.
  • Has a feel where he needs to fill in order to make the tackle.
  • At times will get caught out of position or on the wrong side of the blocker.
  • Some balance issue in pass coverage. Will over run plays.
  • Attacks the line as a blitzer. Effort is better than athletic ability. Leaves it all on the field.


DeQuinton Osborne, DT, Oklahoma State, 6-0, 300

  • Plays with initial quickness. Attacks the gap. 
  • Plays with some upper body power. Have seen him make one-armed tackles in the hole. Hold his man along the line.
  • Good with his hands. Nice job of putting himself in position to make tackles.
  • Quick swim to free himself from blockers. 
  • Will work down the line to find the ball. 
  • Plays with balance. Stays on his feet. 
  • Has a feel where the ball is going to be. Will spin back inside to make the tackle.
  • Very good athlete. Doesn't get knocked off his spot much.
  • Plays with nice technique when rushing the passer. Doesn't stay blocked long.
  • Will chase the ball from the back side. Can finish when he gets near the quarterback. Stays active on his rush.
  • Doesn't play like a short guy.  

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