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Scouting Report: Brown's Experience, Strength Make Him Viable Swing Tackle

Name:Charles Brown                
Draft: 64th overall by New Orleans, 2010

Games Studied: New York Jets 2015 preseason, vs. DET, ATL, NYG, PHI

Report:All of my looks of him playing were as a left tackle with the Jets. He does a nice job of staying on his feet -- did not see him on the ground in any of the games I studied.

Looks much bigger on tape than what he is listed as height and weight-wise. Long arms with some upper body power. Does not have ideal foot speed or initial quickness. He doesn't show much acceleration or burst, either. Limited lateral range to work outside. There are snaps where his feet stop, and that's where he gets in trouble because he becomes over extended. Oftentimes, he is only able to recover due to his power.

In the four games I watched, he showed a nice awareness to adjust back inside and help when needed. When he gets his hands inside to control, defenders have a hard time getting away from him. When he misses -- then it's a whole different story. He tends to catch and steer as a run blocker. There are snaps where he is slow to get in position on his cut off and reach blocks.

Lacks ideal knee bend and flex – tends to play with straight legs, which makes it difficult for him to really adjust in space. Only saw one snap where they asked him to work in space on a screen, and he didn't block anyone. Brown's body control and contact balance comes and goes depending on what type of position he gets into on the man.

One positive is that he plays mentally sharp – no issues I observed with missed assignments or problems knowing who to block. He doesn't lack toughness or the desire to finish. Movement in the running game comes from his power. Can be a step late on the second level making that block.

I believe that he would be the least athletic of the Dallas offensive linemen, and that could present some problems in this scheme where movement of the group is so vital. As I mentioned, he played left tackle for the Jets but has more right tackle traits. His experience and strength give him an advantage over Darrion Weems to handle that swing tackle job if called on.

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