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Scouting Report: Covington Adds Power To D-Line


FRISCO, Texas – Here's my scouting report on new Cowboys defensive lineman Christian Covington, who signed a one-year free agent contract on Thursday:

Name: Christian Covington
Position: DT
College: Rice
Height: 6-2
Weight: 310
Draft: 6th Round (Texans) in 2015
Games Studied: 2018 against Tennessee (2), Indianapolis, Philadelphia.

Scouting Report:

  • Listed as a defensive end in 3-4 scheme. Plays inside more as a tackle or nose than end.
  • Breaks the blocker down with power. Plays with some violence with his hands. Especially tough when he gets on the edge of the blocker.
  • Can create push inside to help in the twist game. Gets his teammates home with penetration. Several snaps where he was the reason the rusher got home.
  • Plays with redirection skills. Can adjust in the pocket. Doesn't get washed on plays. Aware player that finds the ball. Did well on the screen.
  • Outstanding effort to chase the ball when thrown underneath. Peeled back to help on the tackle.
  • Will use a spin move to free himself as he's attacking the pocket. Not many pass rush moves; gets by with power. Have to respect how he stays after his rush.
  • Will get low to the ground when taking on the double team. Doesn't allow blockers to move him. Power to fight the blocks and get off them.
  • Stays square to play the run.
  • Should be part of the rotation at nose tackle with Antwaun Woods. Gives you a similar type of player there with the strength/power. Active like Woods as well. Not going to quit on the play.

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