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Scouting Report: Cowboys Getting A Smart, Experienced Player In Fleming

Name:Cameron Fleming
Position: OT
College: Stanford
Height: 6-5
Weight: 323
Draft: 4th round in 2014, selected No. 140 overall by New England

Games Studied: 2017, vs. Philadelphia (Super Bowl LII), Jacksonville (AFC Championship Game); regular season vs. Pittsburgh


  • Despite his size, Fleming plays with some initial quickness. He shows some real lateral slide and range. Nice lower body flex.
  • He has the upper body strength to hold his man in place, but he also has the hands to end up on the outside of the frame. His contact balance tends to come and go, but his ability to adjust saves him.
  • He will duck his head when he makes contact to slow down the rusher. That causes him to become a little over extended. In two playoff games against Jacksonville and Philadelphia, it was speed that gave him the most trouble. He gave up a sack against the Jaguars.
  • Body control can be all over the place. He's not on the ground a lot, but he has to fight himself to keep that from happening. As mentioned, his recovery is good as a pass blocker.


  • Plays with intelligence. I didn't observe any blown assignments or busts.
  • Given the Patriots' offense, the majority of his plays are pass blocks. He will need work on run blocking, especially cut off and reach blocks. I'd like to see him work better on the second level.
  • There were snaps where his positioning wasn't good. He'd overshoot and then have to try and rally back. He was a much better player against power, such as the game against Pittsburgh, than he was against speed – which is what both Philly and Jacksonville used.
  • Physically, this is a good looking player. Not sloppy at all. Played like La'el Collins early in the year. I feel like he can get better.
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