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Scouting Report: DE Kony Ealy Offers Versatility As A Pass Rusher

Name: Kony Ealy 
Position: Defensive End
College: Missouri
Height: 6-4
Draft: Second-round pick (No. 60) by Carolina in 2014
Games Studied: 2016 vs. San Francisco, Minnesota, New Orleans (2)

  • Has made stops in New England and New York Jets before landing with the Cowboys.
  • Has versatility to play a couple of different spots. Lined up as an end on both the left and right sides for Panthers. Used as a linebacker with Patriots and Jets.
  • Shows some strike/explosiveness with his hands. Did a nice job of battling San Francisco's Joe Staley at the line of scrimmage.
  • Was able to anchor down at the point of attack to hold his ground. When he extends his arms, he can be hard to move.
  • His first step explosiveness can come and go. His best chance of winning is when he hits that first step and he is able to use his hands.
  • Wasn't as effective on the move when used in the twist game. Had trouble getting momentum in order to attack the pocket. Balance wasn't as good.
  • Has an understanding of how to rush to the level of the quarterback. Some of his best pass rushes were when he went on the inside charge.
  • Was able to key the ball. Had no trouble finding it. Was aware when opponents attempted a screen to his side. Tried to get back to help but wasn't quick enough.
  • Strength helps him as a run defender. Understands he has to get rid of the blocker quickly. Missed on a couple of opportunities where he should have finished the play but his balance was poor.
  • Didn't show many pass rush moves despite being good with his hands. Wasn't his strength in college, either. It was a struggle for him to counter once the blocker took away his initial move.
  • Effort to chase the ball was up and down. When he made a play, it carried him for a few plays. After that it took him some time to get going again.
  • Primarily played as a right defensive end for the Panthers. Was surprised he didn't have more explosive plays, but he wasn't a liability either. Rotational guy with left and right availability.
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