Scouting Report: Evaluating Tape Of DT Everett Dawkins


Everett Dawkins - Defensive Tackle - Florida State -  Rookie

6-2 292 - 5.01 40 Yard Dash

Games Viewed: Minnesota Vikings preseason 2013: Houston, Buffalo and San Francisco

  • Dawkins was drafted by the Vikings in the seventh round, 229th overall. He was evaluated by the Cowboys as having third round ability and sat in that round on their draft board.
  • He can play at either the one or three technique. The majority of his snaps were taken at the three.
  • Shows some initial quickness off the snap to get into blocker, but needs to do a better job of taking advantage of that quickness to finish the play.
  • He will use his hands to control the blockers; very active with his hands but needs to do a better job of getting rid of blockers quicker. There are plays where he gets tied up and it affects the way he gets to the play.
  • He is willing work down the line -- showed some nimble feet and foot work. Able to avoid blockers that would go low on him. Kept his feet active. [embedded_ad]
  • Tends to play high, did not see much lower body power. Did not anchor down as well as he needed to. Was handled one-on-one. Knocked back and was pinned a couple of plays. Thought he could have done a better job of getting push. Can get a better rush when he is on the move.
  • Thought he could have done a better job of redirecting once he read the play. Some plays where the ball was able to get past him because he wasn't able to work back to it.
  • Chased the ball better in the Buffalo and San Francisco games, but thought I would see more of a "Bust Ass" type of defensive linemen that you usually get with Florida State kids. Needs to find a way to finish plays better. Not in enough piles for me right now.  Found myself wanting him to make more plays because of his background but just didn't show that fire.

There are some physical traits with the hand use and feet to work with, but he needs that spark.

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