Scouting Report: Evaluating The Tape Of New LB Justin March-Lillard

Name:Justin March-Lillard
Position: LB
College: Akron
Height: 6-0
Weight: 230
Draft: Undrafted in 2015, signed with Kansas City

Games Studied: 2017 preseason, with Kansas City, vs. San Francisco, Cincinnati, Tennessee; 2017 regular season, with Seattle, vs. Indianapolis.


  • Shorter linebacker that has some toughness to his game.
  • Some pop in his hands when taking on blockers. Not afraid to step up and deliver a blow.
  • Playing speed and quickness is good. Can cover some ground when on the move.
  • Plays with some range to the outside. Doesn't over-run plays. Knows how to choke it back to put himself in position.
  • Good lateral quickness when getting to the edge. Plays with body control and balance. Not on the ground.
  • Can change directions on the move.
  • Strength is good for his size. Quick to play with his hands. Ability to fight off blocks. Nice balance when working against blockers.
  • Gets into position to finish plays but had some where he missed. On one of his best tackles, he didn't wrap up at all, threw shoulder into the ball carrier.
  • His motor and effort are good. Doesn't quit on the play. Will fight through the trash to get to the ball. Snaps where he arrived just a tick late.
  • Better zone cover than man. Reactions help him here. Appeared to grab and hold more put in those man coverage situations.
  • Disciplined player. Not fooled on boots/waggles. Plays his assignments. No noticeable busts.
  • Key and diagnose are where they need to be. He is aware to what is going on around him.
  • Did not see him create a turnover or blitz from his spot.
  • Special Teams: Both punt and kickoff return as a blocker. More get in the way then drive his man off the screen. Runs well enough to play in all phases. Consistent tackling might be a concern.  


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