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Scouting Report: Four WRs To Watch During Saturday's Combine Workouts

INDIANAPOLIS – The much-anticipated wide receiver workouts are happening today at Lucas Oil Stadium, so I wanted to take a look at what to expect to see from these receivers. Several of these guys are already considered first-round talents, but skill position players always have the most to gain from performing well at these drills.

Here are four guys to keep an eye on:

WR Phillip Dorsett, Miami WO #16

Can be physical off the line. Can cover some ground. Smooth runner. Plays out of the slot. Will go get the ball in the air. Will stop to make out cut. Can track the ball. Can easily work through the zone. Puts a ton of pressure on corners. Doesn't have a quarterback that can get him the ball. Able to adjust to the ball behind him. Can run through tackles. Nice job of getting his toe down, showed some sideline awareness. Adjust to high ball. Will adjust to the low ball on the "IN" cuts. Needs to come back to the ball better in the red zone. Will catch the ball inside. Explosive. Can take small catches and make them huge plays. Has a little Santana Moss in the way he plays. Has a great shot to run the fastest 40 at this Combine.

WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Missouri WO #19

 Will take his route inside. Plays on the outside and in slot. Doesn't always catch the ball cleanly. Can separate. Smooth athlete, effortless. Will go get the ball. Has some Dez Bryant in him with ball in hands. Will high point ball. Needs work against the press. Too tall at times. Less than perfect as a blocker. One handed catch in the end zone vs Kentucky (TD). Runs a lot of screen routes. Able to make the first man miss in space. There is a ton of upside there but off the field info has to check out. Could be off a lot of team's boards but have to give him his due because the talent level is outstanding.

WR DeVante Parker, Louisville WO #35

Quick slant, plant off outside foot and explode inside. Explosive with the ball in his hands. Adjust to the low ball. Able to adjust off the line. Will catch the contested ball. Will come back for the ball. Is a physical runner with the ball in his hands. Needs to go up for the ball in the red zone. Able to run thru tackles. Will catch the ball and take the hit. Will run routes out of the slot. Nice vertical catch vs Florida State. Is always fighting for extra yards with the ball in his hands. Can adjust to the ball over his head and now down the field. Can work his feet along the sideline. Will carry his route across the field. Knows how to adjust his route to get the ball. Will push off to gain separation. Nice job of finding space in the zone. Will fight to get off the line. Will catch the screen and make things happen. Can keep his balance and fight for the sticks. Will punish as a runner. Can get down the field. Shows the concentration to go get the ball. Physical runner after catch. Kid has some Dez Bryant to him after the catch. Plays with a chip on his shoulder.

WR Kevin White, West Virginia WO #43

Catches the ball in his hands. Will come back to the ball. Run underneath out of the slot. Not quick out of his break. Will put himself in position to catch the ball by squaring up to QB. Do not see a burst down the field. Floats inside on the slant. Will go and high point a ball. Nice fade vs Alabama. Will track the ball. Can adjust to the ball. Will push off to buy space. Not as impressive with the ball in his hands as Cooper or Parker. Will keep working to get open on a route. Catches plenty of screens. Better at breaking tackles vs Maryland. Almost came down with a heck of an adjusting catch along the back of the end zone. Ball was too high. Comes back to the ball. Will body catch the ball when coming inside. Did a better job of attacking the defense vs Maryland. Impressive run on a screen. Did not see much separation on his vertical routes. Can find spots in the zone. Best trait is his ability to go get the ball in flight. More explosive vs Maryland. Played with chip on shoulder. Aware. Knows where the sticks are on 3rd down. Able to adjust his body in order to catch the ball. Nice spin move to free self vs OU. Snatch the ball on the slant. Knows how to work along the sideline. Good with his footwork. Adjust to the ball on the screen. Has a hard time running away from White of TCU. Contested catch inside vs Texas. Bad route on a slant that resulted in INT. Sideline awareness. Generally lines up on the right side of formation. Drew five pass interferences vs Baylor. Beautiful one hand catch on fade.

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